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RE: Mind Your Votes! II - A guide to maximizing your curation rewards

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This has to be THE most detailed explanation about curation that I have read. I do so very much appreciate what you have offered me (and the rest of us). How do you discover all these details? I expect only the people who created all the rules would have all the exact figures and would create some sort of document for others to read. There is a wiki now that we can add to and even get paid for helping with it, but the wiki is still in its infancy.
Thank-you so much liberosist!


The only way to discover all the details is by peeking into the code at

There's a whitepaper, but it's obsolete right now. Maybe there'll be an updated detailed whitepaper once the network is out of Beta. Things are still in flux at the moment.

Thankfully, you don't need to know the exact figures to be an engaged curator. That was my aim - so you know the system without getting into the under-the-hood details.

Whoa! I followed your link and can't understand a thing in there. So glad we have you to translate for us!

I don't most of it either :)

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