Potentially Interesting Articles [5] #3

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Here are a set of 5 selected by me curious and interesting articles are worth a read.

Archisteem Report #116: 1001 Places to Remember's Story Collection [15122018] + 500 Followers, Thank You All <3 / @archisteem
Dear Steemians, Important Notice 500 Followers! One little shoutout from the @archisteem team that we had reached 500 followers! It is a small milestone and we want to remember it by thanking all the supporters that had been with us since the start. We look forward to grow with you all :) Congratulations to the Season 10 Winners! Results: No Author Votes Winners 1 @starrouge 6 1st Prize 2 @milkabustamante 2 2nd Prize 3 @francesaw 1 3rd Prize 4 @vonaurolacu 1 3rd Prize 5 @kocinka 0[...]

[Translation][Spanish] Node.js, from English (1,565 words) [N'23] / @alejohannes
Image source Github Repository https://github.com/nodejs/i18n Project Details By definition, Node.js is a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). But it is more than just that. While common JREs function as machine backups that allow users to smoothly run JavaScript on their browsers and applications, this open-source project functions as an app that manages Java code by itself. It's practical uses for developers are endless. It grants an extraordinarily versatile platform for designing code, programs[...]

Una catástrofe afortunada / @severianx
Para ayudar a mi hijo en un trabajo para la escuela, estuve leyendo sobre la formación de la Luna. Fascinante. (PD) Parece ser que la Luna se formó hace 4500 millones de años, poco después de formado el sistema solar, por una colisión gigantesca: la Tierra chocó con un objeto del tamaño de Marte, es decir aproximadamente la mitad del radio terrestre y el 10% de su masa. A ese planeta temprano se lo denomina Theia, que en la mitología griega era la madre de la diosa de la luna, Selene. Theia or[...]

SBI - 'Tis the Season for Contests / @steembasicincome
Steem Basic Income Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content. Important Reminder Initial Automation Release Banner design by @katysavage Contests, Giveaways and Raffles! Hurry up and get your holiday shopping done so you can have some time left to enter these contests. This weekend has something special[...]

Building on Promise - Chapter 15 - A'mara Books / @viking-ventures
15 (Terraday) In the morning, the most A’mara Gaskarii had seen in generations descended upon the polling stations of Loxos. The heaviest presence was in the downtown, market area where two election attempts ago had been disrupted with an explosion that killed a large number of staff and voters. All the volunteers and paid workers had assembled at the main polling station, the prefab that had been brought in bustling with people already. Tirry moved to give instructions, but Yewan stopped her[...]

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