Potentially Interesting Articles [5] #10

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Here are a set of 5 selected by me curious and interesting articles are worth a read.

Hoy 10 de enero del 2019 un usurpador nuevamente se auto nombra presidente. / @lanzjoseg
Hoy 10 de enero del 2019 un usurpador nuevamente se auto nombra presidente. Esta es la imagen que recorre toda Venezuela es Trending Topics de Venezuela #MaduroNoEsMiPresidente #MaduroUsurpador, twitter es una de las pocas ventanas que aun se puede usar par poder expresar descontento, todo el mundo lo sabe que ese tipo es un usurpador lo cual esta tipificado en la constitución de Venezuela, pero quienes deben hacer cumplir la Ley, en nuestra realidad de país, son los primeros que la trasgrede[...]

Scientific Method / @thevenusproject
Our methods of thinking help us choose between formulations, ideas, thoughts, notions, hypotheses and theories. They enable us to decide what is true and what is false. They should also help us pick the most reliable action that offers maximum predictability and should allow us to reject ideas that do not correspond with observable facts. Humans have used various methods of thinking including appealing to authority, intuition, and rational, philosophical and logical thinking. Using all of the ab[...]

Travel Diaries - #The Buddhist Temples and Monasteries in Dharamshala, India / @nainaztengra
This was a short 3 days trip to one of the hill station in India, place named Dharamshala for medical purpose but we also took this opportunity to spend some quality family time and visiting the place. Dharamshala is a place where His Holiness Dalai Lama resides. This place has quite a few Buddhist Temples and Monasteries and you see a lot of Tibetan culture followed here. There is also a very big Library which holds thousands of Tibetan manuscripts. We visited a couple of Temples and I must sa[...]

Najjeftiniji makro objektiv / @miroslavrc
Makro fotografija je zasebna vrsta fotografije koja ima uvećanje objekata 1:1 (to je kada se dimenzije objekta što fotografišete zauzimaju toliko prostora na vašem senzoru koliko je i u prirodi) pa čak do 2:1, 3:1 i dalje. Postoje posebni objektivi namenjeni za makro fotografiju kao što je Canon 100mm 2.8 MACRO ili Canon 60mm MACRO, takođe postoji jedna firma pod imenom Venus Optics Laowa koji prave neverovatno dobre makro objektive koji koriste samo manuelni fokus i veoma su oštri sa velikim uv[...]

There are stacks of challenges with exchanges, Many have lost individual information and progressed financial principles through this drainpipe called exchange. Users are consistently most prominent setbacks of this threat. Software engineers have been sneaking around with their butcher net cast to get various ignorant phishing regions are recognizable circumstances. The certified the truth is, much security parameters have been explored and put in to have these issues of exchange settled, yet [...]

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