the ELECTRONICS edition by IINC

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On this day of turning events (normalisation of work hours, back to positive mood, bit of sun in the sky), this edition of Curator's Choice we'll feature a handful of musical artists.

Electronics is the Genre!


AWWD005 - A Birth to Wisdom Episode - Atcha Walker Will Drive Podcast

by @atcha-walker

AWWD Podcast is about Atcha Walker playing music. All kind of music with a big fondness for electronic and techno sets.

image source: cover image of featured article


by @rubenalexander

It has been a while since I posted music. I thought I would get warmed up with a synthy sparse beat tune.

image source: cover image of featured article

Digital Glass Vibrancy.

by @soundwavesphoton

I created these last night. Using them as cover art for one of my songs (link at the end).

image source: cover image of featured article

Till Next Time

written by @edje aka @qsounds
supported by @mammasitta aka @massivevibration

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I love this series !!!! 🌺 Keep it going

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Trying to find the time, But persistent in getting new editions periodically :)

Loved AWWD podcast, thanks for sharing!

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