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RE: Mind Your Votes! II - A guide to maximizing your curation rewards

in #curation3 years ago

And absolute great overview and tips you provide here. To be honest, I hardly follow any of your tips, but I guess my curation rewards kind-a-s*ck :) I upvote most of the comments in conversations I'm in, and the rest goes to posts. But I'm having fun and try to give others the rewards I can give them with my votes.


That's fine, as long as you don't pile on the votes on Trending posts thinking it'll get you many rewards. That's the one that bothers me :)

Agree, I hardly look at Trending channel since this doesn't give positive energy to those who need to work hard for a couple of dollars rewards; Not saying the trending posts are not worked hard for, but the differences are soooo big.

Fortunately, with Hardfork 19 things will balance out a lot. No longer will a few command most of the influence. Of course, it's up to the minnows and dolphins to curate responsibly and not just pile on the votes on Trending. That was one of my goals with this post.

I understand your goal and I appreciate it you took the time and effort to post on this :)

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