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in curation •  6 months ago

Curation Maximized at 15 Minutes? Think Again!

I posted at 21:24 last night!

@dgi upvoted at 8 minutes

SteemWorld ~ @steembasicincome - Google Chrome 10_4_2018 7_25_37 AM.png

@steembasicincome upvoted at 15 minutes

SteemWorld ~ @steembasicincome - Google Chrome 10_4_2018 7_25_06 AM.png

Nothing special just showing you that 15 minutes is only the optimal voting time if there are early voters as you can see I tested @dgi new 10k SP 100% vote out and proved 15 minutes is not always optimal.

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Thank You for visiting today, please comment below about your curation findings.

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thanks for sharing this info .. @dynamicrypto resteemed!


Thank you 😁


I’ve been throwing my votes around in and around the 15min mark to see how it’s doing for me and I just say my curation rewards have had a bit of a jump since HF20! Not sure if it’s my timings or what but I’m not complaining

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It seems nice, so far so good.