@curx Curation Top Picks, Fri Jan 22

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The @curx curation project searches for exceptional content on the Steem blockchain. With our votes, we've supported 70 distinct authors on Fri Jan 22 with currently around 450k SP in the trail and zero self-votes. Join our curation trail to support the voted authors and increase your curation rewards! Here's a selection of the top posts curated:

Be strong and brave is the best way out!

Author: @ethansteem2020
Community: LifeStyle
Created: Fri Jan 22 15:52:57 2021

Geography Community 🌎🌏🌍 Announcements! 21/01 / Anuncios de la Comunidad Geography 🌎🌏🌍! 22/01

Author: @belenguerra
Community: Geography 🌎🌏🌍
Created: Fri Jan 22 13:05:45 2021

My Favorite Kitchenware Shop ~ Mr DIY ‘Always Low Prices’

Author: @ainie.kashif
Community: SteemFoods
Created: Fri Jan 22 11:31:33 2021

코인.. 이렇게 쉬운데.. 나는..ㅠ

Author: @forealife
Category: #zzan
Created: Fri Jan 22 20:21:06 2021

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Author: @jackwr
Category: #life
Created: Fri Jan 22 07:43:15 2021

Why Making Decisions For Your Life Is Important

Author: @jackwr
Category: #decisions
Created: Fri Jan 22 07:35:03 2021

[2막1장] 이해인 수녀님의 시 한편 42

Author: @ididid
Community: Steem Book Club
Created: Fri Jan 22 12:42:27 2021

My Actifit Report Card: January 21 2021

Author: @silvertop
Community: Actifit
Created: Fri Jan 22 04:44:51 2021


Author: @lhy
Community: SCT.암호화폐.Crypto
Created: Fri Jan 22 07:08:57 2021

Children are ready to learn-How to keep them motivated

Author: @lawns
Community: LifeStyle
Created: Fri Jan 22 19:12:48 2021

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@curx, I never knew about your project before. I am photographer from Russia, mostly into nature macro photography and urban street life. you may check my blog, if you're intrested to look at some nice stuff. cheers!

Thank you so much @curx team for selecting my post. I am honored to be selected into this awesome list and Congrats to all in this list! Wishing you all a pleasant day and please stay safe, cheers, ainie

You're welcome, ainie -- thanks for the resteem! :)

super!! very enjoyable shot. 100% up.

oh, my bad. I thought it was your froggy, @ainie.kashif :P

hahaha that froggy so awesome shot right, I agree too :D