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  • In spirit of Curie's transparency, we wish to use this weekly section as an ongoing development blog on this community project to communicate our progress on top of the many casual exchanges happening in channel #curie.

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  • Follow @curie's votes to support the authors. Please consider following our trail and voting for curated authors. If you are a Streemian or SteemAuto user, @curie is an available trail to follow.

Witness Update

Firstly, we want to thank everyone who has voted for Curie as a witness. With your support, we are able to contribute significantly more to the Steem community. In light of our new position, we made sure to put up a seed node which is hosted at the address: As we transition towards position 20 we will begin moving our seed node into a full node and upgrade the specs (currently hosted on a VPS in LA with 4 cores, 12gb ram and 200gb SSD storage). As always, if you have any specific/important questions or queries about the witness operation please do not hesitate to contact @locikll on

Sub-community support list & updates

We are maintaining this list in every edition of Weekly Curie for transparency.

Gaming: @playfulfoodie and @jodipamungkas
Education: @giantbear and @hanshotfirst
Homesteading: @papa-pepper and @mericanhomestead
Science: @justtryme90 and @LeMouth
Italian curators: @thenightflier and @bhuz
Brazilian curators: @maxjoy and @dudutaulois
Nigerian curators: @destinysaid @gbenga @ehiboss @ogoowinner and @fisteganos
Malaysian curators: @bitrocker2020 and @awesomianist
Myanmar: @kachinhenry and @patricksanlin
Indonesia: @aiqabrago and @levycore
Thailand / Laos: @tookta and @ricko66
Music: @heymattsokol, @edje, @kevinwong
Direct curators: @alcibiades, @teofilex11 and @liberosist

This week's sub-community curators payout is 2,580 Steem.

(This curation is independent of Curie's general curation works)

Curie's Operations team is -

Community representatives - @geekgirl and @carlgnash
General curation - @alcibiades
Sub-community curation - @donkeypong and @kevinwong
Accounts - @liberosist
Curator Recommendations - @bitrocker2020
Tech - @locikll
Operational contributors - @misterakpan, @carlgnash
And the hundreds of curators and reviewers, of course :)

Weekly Statistics

Over the last week, Curie curated a total of 119 posts at an average of 17 posts per day.


Here are the authors that received a Curie vote this week:-



The Top Curators list will dynamically change every other week depending on performance. Anybody will be able to rise up the ranks with consistent, quality curation. Inconsistent, low-quality curation will result in dropping out of Top curators list(or regular curation, if under-performance continues). Exceptional long-term top curators transition to direct curation.

This week, we have upvoted 119 posts submitted by curators in, with 2,380 STEEM to be paid out to curators.

CuratorCurator ScoreApproval RatingPosts Submitted

Curator Recommendation Updates

For updates on curator applications and recommendations, please check out @bitrocker2020's post here:

Note: All author rewards from this post will be used to fund Curie.
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Reeeeaaaalllly hope to become a curie curator one day! I have been trying to curate people in the photography and art community for a while now, but with my small amounts of SP, I haven't been able to do much. I will keep plugging away though until hopefully one day a top #curie @curie curator will notice me and offer to mentor me and help me to become a real curie curator! :D Fingers crossed....

Thanks for sharing important post,

Hey, this is all very interesting.

I have a few questions about Curie

  1. What makes for good curation?
  2. How can curators become noticed for the niches they are curating?

Such an amazing work <3

Great to know :D

Very good!

well done team. Looking to join this movement when I have a little more time that I can fully dedicate. In the meantime would anyone from the @curie account be interested in doing a witness interview? I have interviewed about 20-30 of the top witnesses in hopes of bringing more attention to the witness voting process. Please let me know. Good day to all

Thank Info @curie

How can i become a curie curator and submit posts to curie? I tried but seems in not eligible to do so.


Join #curie channel and read pinned messages :) ... you will be curator someday

Thanks as always @curie! I hope you can advance to position 15 before the year ends! :D

good information. @my451r just joined in steemit. I started joining @curie. thanks your sharing information and giving us the opportunity to join @curie


That krak bahasa inggreh lagoe @my451r


Ha ha... ka loen rabok rabok aju... leh beutoi hom... pokok jih bahasa awak nyan.. lage igop igop ciet...

Thank You for sharing the latest information on dimensions, contributions and appreciation @curie for newly renewed steemit users (debutants) or those already senior in STEEMIT

thanks Curie

very good

Thank you for information @curie, And thank you so much to growing me up :)

Regard from Aceh, Indonesia

This is impressive

Thank you!

Thank you ever so much, guys!

I'm really a bit flabbergasted that I made this list and to see how much of a difference it made on my content.

Thanks so much for supporting some of my posts! I absolutely appreciate it in more ways than I can express.

I'm glad to see @curie doing so well! I hope to see its continued success and growth! :D

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Nice! Well done @curie


I can't thank you enough, seriously. I will aim to not disappoint, I feel much more responsible for maintaining good work now.

Good job @curie

Thank you very much @curie to support us every day...

Thank you for your post. Ist for me very intersteing what is standing behind. Thanks

thanks for your good work i pray you remember me one day @iloegbunamagnes

Very good

I would like to be on that list too :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH @curie for your work and your support!!
Congratulations to everybody! :D


Thanks so much for your support. Regards and Blessings!!!

Good 👍

Congratulations to all the authors! You have a great team @curie 😊😊
I hope one day I will be on this list too 😂😂😂