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  • In spirit of Curie's transparency, we wish to use this weekly section as an ongoing development blog on our project to communicate our progress on top of the many casual exchanges happening in channel #curie.

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  • Follow @curie's votes to support the authors. Please consider following our trail and voting for curated authors. If you are a Streemian user, @curie is an available trail to follow.

  • Remember to follow and interact with authors that you love going through The Daily Curie.

Latest Updates

  • Please check our major update announcement last week.

  • Today we would like to inform of an additional international community support for the region of Thailand / Laos, curated by @tookta and @ricko66.

Community support list

We will begin maintaining this list in every edition of Weekly Curie for transparency.

Gaming: @playfulfoodie and @jodipamungkas
Education: @giantbear and @hanshotfirst
Homesteading: @papa-pepper and @mericanhomestead
Science: @justtryme90 and @LeMouth
Italian curators: @thenightflier and @bhuz
Brazilian curators: @maxjoy and @dudutaulois
Nigerian curators: @destinysaid @gbenga @ehiboss @ogoowinner and @fisteganos
Malaysian curators: @bitrocker2020 and @awesomianist
Myanmar: @kachinhenry and @patricksanlin
Indonesia: @aiqabrago and @levycore
Thailand / Laos: @tookta and @ricko66

(This curation will be independent of Curie's general curation works)

Weekly Statistics

Over the last week, Curie curated a total of 151 posts at an average of 22 posts per day.


Here are the authors that received a Curie vote this week:-



The Top Curators list will dynamically change every other week depending on performance. Anybody will be able to rise up the ranks with consistent, quality curation. Inconsistent, low-quality curation will result in dropping out of Top curators list(or regular curation, if under-performance continues).

This week, we have upvoted 151 posts submitted by curators in, with 3,020 STEEM to be paid out to curators.

Curation Leaderboard

CuratorCurator ScoreApproval Rating

Note: All author rewards from this post will be used to fund Curie.
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Amazing job man! Thank you very much for adding me on this list, fell really honnored to be here. I'm still kinda new to photography, making videos and writing, but im trying to make every post better and learn new stuff everyday. Thanks for sharing, have a nice day n' #keepsteemin :)

p.s. you also give me awesome motivation to go try harder and better

I hope someday my post will you upvote too. Just i hope.

I really appreciate that. 🐘🇹🇭🇹🇭
Thank you very much. You’re so kind. @curie 🌹🌱

Hello @curie Hope so you're Fine
My Question is what is Finder Fee ? and Reviewers Fee .
You Send Steem with MEME ( Finder Fee )
Thank you

Thank you @curie for your vote on my post.
I don't know if you forgot me or I will be in the next one for this post
In any case, thank you very much !


good one @curie
you are doing great for us ensuring our hardwork gets rewarded... keep it up as am always ready to support

I hope someday my name will write in your post with positive think 😊

Thanks @curie, for all your the help and support,

Great job, I got to know about @curie recently by a friend @amec.

I actually didn't understand, do we send the link on to @curie or you guys yourself nominate the people to give your upvote!

Thank you @curie, you are a great asset to the steemit community. You give us further incentive to offer high quality posts. Keep up the good work. @ironshield

Gaming: @playfulfoodie and @jodipamungkas
Education: @giantbear and @hanshotfirst
Homesteading: @papa-pepper and @mericanhomestead
Science: @justtryme90 and @LeMouth

So are these the best subjects to be writing about to increase the chances of a @curie vote?

You are welcome to write under the education tag. Use steemiteducation as one of your tags. Please read our latest post to see the criteria that we use and support. If you write good quality posts it is better to join a community where you will be recognized. We have a discord server that you can join and drop your links.

Thank you @giantbear

I think myself or @osm0sis will be looking to use the tag a little more in future. Thanks for the invite :)

I think not necessarily he or she will linger over the whole steemit community and curate you if he or she thinks you have a quality content.

that's a nice answer :)

In the guidelines I've read that travel, photography, intro, steemit posts are out - It's good to see what is potentially 'in'.

thank you @curie , for the mention in your list and for the support . Truly grateful :)

Thank you for the update @curie

I am so glad that over 151 authors I am one of the author that was curated by you @curie

My effort on making a quality content here in steemit really pays off. I am now inspired to post more quality post i the near future

Good initiative curie, today I joined your trail!

Good job. May you have great reward for your labour

Its my first time to be curie'd and it feels amazing!! thank you for all your support, time and effort!! Will try to aim for more curie'table posts! ☺️ Thank you once again! More power and Steem On! ☺️

Excellent job :D

I don't see my name on here, but thanks for the vote last week, @curie! I really appreciate it!

Some communities and trusted curators now vote independently from the general Curie platform. :)

Ah...I was wondering. Great, thank you! My deep appreciation remains. <3

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Last week, it was for the first time since I joined Steemit, that I got a curie upvote. I felt honored to receive curie's vote. For some reason my name is not in the author list, but I will try my best to make curie vote my posts again and again!!!

Thanks for including my post in your list and for the great support. Now, I will try the impossible: to see what all the other authors in this list posted! It is very useful to have good quality content collected in such curations, congratulations on a job well done.

Nice post, thank you very much

Great Work My Friends

Thank you very much for your support, @curie!
I will try to continue to make quality content and improve my English.

Thanks curie. How do i bring a piece of work for the curator's appraisal?

I've seen your article,
very amazing
I like it very much

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In spirit of Curie's transparency, we wish to use this weekly section as an ongoing development blog on our project.....

Thank you for your kindness @curie ,i did not see my name there but thanks for the upvote!

Upvoted and resteem..

Hopefully, one day I will make my self up here too. Fingers crossed.

I discovered wondering from page to page that you upvoted me...Thank you @curie :-D I'm still in an "unconscious" phase and I realise that there's still a lot to learn from my end.. I love the idealism of this place and the amazing people that you can discover everyday. Keep up the excellent work guys!

Thanks for the upvote and support @curie! 😍

Thank you so much for the support @curie !


Thanks for share...good information.

thank you so much @curie for upvoting one of my latest post.. i'm very glad and greatful for what you have done.. that helped me a lot :)

if given another chance, i wish this would be chosen too..

this is a song dedicated to STEEMIT.. A THANK YOU SONG WHICH I HAD COMPOSED... i hope you will be able to visit this :) thanks a lot !!!!

thank you so much for voting my post @curie.. i really appreciate ate a kind person..more power..👍

@kachinhenry, so proud to see you in the list! keep contributing to our community.

thanks a lot for your upvote!!!

Honored to have made the list, will check out some of those other authors and have a look at quality-curating a bit more for sure. (Appreciating the irony this isn't exactly what I'd call quality curation, more a quick cheers medeers.)

Nothing quite like a little @curie upvote to give you a little motivation boost!

Nice update

Keep steemin

thanks @curie you make me spirit in the work. :)

I am looking forward that one of these days my posts will get a curie upvote ;). Congratulations!

congratulation to all of you guys . your so generous @curie

good for your sharing

amazing post!!! Great work to all the people that support the @curie project!!!!
I personally got a curie Upvote earlier this day to My Latest Episode of my "Words Of Wisdom SHOW" !

I run a SHOW that I provide valuable lessons, and tips about Life and Business, and I do daily episodes for my show! And @curie project and all the Curators gave a TREMENDOUS help to one of my posts!

I would like to thanks again all of you for this great support! You are doing a great work to support the New Authors!!!

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

Upvoted and followed! :-)
Thanks for sharing! :-)

@curie please upvote my post @fadlie

Thank you for the curie vote :)

Thankyou for sharing @curie

Thanks a lot for your interest to my post!!! I appreciate it a lot! 😘😘😘😘😊😊😊

Excellent work))) Thanks for the report)))

Yeahhhh,,, you are alright @curie,,, so what we can to do if we miss you in our blog. And what kind blog you will give vote. I want to join streemian, but I still learn how to join it.

How I can do to put my name in your list. Nuce to meet you @curie

Thank you @curie for the vote this week. It has really made my week :)

nice post sir curie

nice update curie

Very interesting, good post and I like, hopefully the next post better with a more perfect idea. follow me @pojan, Upvote and give a positive comment for me.

Thanks @curie, we keep supporting the project you are working on.