Curie Author Showcase (September 23rd, 2018)

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Featured Author: @la-fumettista
"I Have Been To The Valley" Story Revealed

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 6.37.26 PM.png
Image property of @la-fumettista

"The psychedelic-horror western comic you've all been waiting for is now available to read online!" – @la-fumettista

Opening today's author showcase is this brilliant illustration by Theresa Chiechi, written by Ryan Ellsworth, for his anthology. I Have Been To The Valley, according to Theresa is a "story set during the 1800s Alaskan gold rush and revolves around a father trying to find his missing sons." You can enjoy the full story here.

In this blog post Chiechi relishes the ease of working with Ryan, and offers an exclusive look into the creative process of one of the 16 pages of this thrilling illustrated story. Theresa is based in New York and expresses her ideas through her arts that are bountiful on her blog.

Be sure to take a look at her work.

Featured Author: @myindigoinsight
Me Vs Depression & Anxiety- I Won the battle today!

Image from author's post

This is an account of the author's bout of depression in a way that is "raw, real, honest and powerful"; and accounts how she creatively pulled through it. "I wanted to help de-stigmatise mental health issues," the author said, on her reason for sharing her story.

"The reason I detailed my previous work achievements at the start of the blog, was to demonstrate that people you may least expect can be suffering behind closed doors, and some people often feel that other people are much more successful than they are and they must be happy—wrong."

@myindigoinsight said she started her blog to both serve as an outlet for her incredibly busy mind (she is a fan of the indigo child/adult movement), and help others. "The more we can openly talk about [mental health issues], the less overwhelmed and afraid people may feel," she told me.

"Anyone, no matter what your job is, your social or financial status, can suffer on the inside. We all are made of the same biophysical operating system, and so we are all prone to factors that can cause problems. These struggles do not make me any less efficient at anything, I can go to work, I can do well, I can achieve things like anyone else, it just means that sometimes I have bad days..." — @myindigoinsight

Be sure to read the full post.

Featured Author: @foxyspirit
I Have Started Corpsing

Image property of @foxyspirit

September is far spent. That means Halloween is around the corner. If you are one of those that go big on Halloween, then this corpsing post by @foxyspirit is going to have your mouth watery.

"Corpsing is when you take a skeleton or a skull and transform it into something that looks like it is decaying. A corpse."

Some plastic sheet, heat gun, crimson wood stain and of course some skulls in, and you are well on your way to creating a zombie-like prop for the dreadful night that looms. It is a fun DIY project to try out, and the author does a great job keeping the presentation exciting.

Check it out

Featured Author: @joaocarlosphoto
KillerKelly in the Ring with the Profoto B10 By Joao Carlos

Image property of @joaocarlosphoto

In this next post João shares these stunner portraits from her recent session with WWE star Killer Kelly.

"She is currently signed to WWE performing in the United Kingdom division NXT UK. She is well known for her appearances in Westside Xtreme Wrestling as well Pro-Wrestling EVE."

The post also serves to highlight Profoto's brand new, recently launched demo model of studio lights, the OCF PROFOTO B10.

João Carlos a New York-born Advertising, Fashion and Portrait Photographer and Film Director currently based in Lisbon Portugal. His 2010 Hasselblad Masters Award, among a long lineup of plagues, attests to his advancement in his trade. He shares his stories with the Steem community through his blog.

See the photo series here.

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @misterakpan(Ubokobong Akpan), often with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors and publishers.

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