@dontstopmenow STEEM Best Curator. RIDICULOUS 0.74% Rewards/SP ratio. You Can Now Follow His Vote!

in curation •  7 months ago

More than a flash in the pan, @dontstopmenow has been the top curator for almost 4 weeks in a row and you can now follow his trail by using https://steemauto.com !!!

I first had a chat with him on steemit.chat and found out more by reading @abh12345 weekly report on the best curators. This latest one https://steemit.com/bisteemit/@abh12345/steemit-curation-league-week-6-can-t-stop-won-t-stop-dontstopmenow solidified my belief that this guy is incredible at finding content before other people do.

100% Manual Curation

Most people use bots and vote the same people over and over. But he doesn't. He scout the "new" section for those little jewel right before they go viral.

My results by following him

We made an experiment together to see what would be the results of following his curation trail on https://steemauto.com

For weeks I was making 200SP a week for curation with my full ~168,000 SP. So 0.12% curation rewards to SP ratio.

When I started following his trail on steemauto.com, I also delegated 50,000SP towards utopian.io. So @dontstopmenow only had 118,000SP to work with. But he did better than I did with 168,000!!! 300SP this week with 118,000SP. A 0.25% Reward to SP ratio!!!


It's possible for a small minnow to do great things with curation. That kind of results definitely compelled me to want to follow his trail on steemauto.com

You can do the same.

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He's a curation ninja! I'm willing to bet that number goes up for you too!


Thats Cool

Actually this is unbelievable performance! I still can't imagine how could he do that! I will try to follow his trails and get an idea! If you do you will be a millionaire in a short time period of course! Great information friend! Really useful to minnows like us!


He is really doing very well on the curation side mate! I have been reading from @abh12345 post for some weeks now, amazing achievement by @dontstopmenow .... he really seems unstoppable!!!
Best way for minnows is to follow his votes as you mentioned!


Thanks a lot for your words @progressivechef ! Guess what? I am a chef too! We could share recipes or ideas :)


Oh wow! It's great to read you are a chef too! Following you now brother!

Yes, the result is impressive. We must try the same. Thank you for sharing with us.

amazing stats, and very kind of you for giving him free exposure. I guess he deserves it :)

Wow, let's consider to follow, i didn't know him!

wonderful post @cryptoctopus

Nice made the top 15 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

fantastic information, wow those are incredible results indeed, i should also try to follow his trail, i hope it will bring up good results in curating the content and how did we check that who is the No. 1 curator this week, is any app or website exists which produce a list of best curators?, thanks for sharing

it must be said that a lot of sp does the different in the healing


sp = success


you've got it wrong. That's the opposite. You can have a high reward to sp ratio, without having a lot of sp. Once you got that, you can get people to follow you vote and make even more.


ok thanks, for the explanation

wonderful post...thanks for sharing

amazing post...

That is very impressive! Well done.

Never knew manual curation with little SP could be this rewarding. Thanks for sharing it with us. I curate manually too but my result is a far cry from his result.


get better and you can start your own curation trail. :-)

Haha, my curation rewards were horrible last week ><

I'm now following @dontstopmenow on steemautos curation trail. Hoping this curation trail works better than other sites I've tried.

Taking a look at what he upvotes it looks like he's found communities such as #sndbox and #cervantes that reward almost all articles with large upvotes. I'm assuming he's just figured out when the @sndbox and @cervantes account/bot votes and has some accounts in those groups on autovote.

solidified my belief that this guy is incredible at finding content before other people do.

He's found out ways to be a great curator. I'm not sure if he has an eye for great content or just knows great communities that be have upvote bots. It seems like #sndbox, #cervantes (or something like that), and #utopian.io are communities he focuses.

Last time I got 500+ SP due to some delegation. This was fun curating. But now I dropped back to around 170 SP due to delegation stop. This is much harder. :-( You are always at the threshold of getting nothing for your vote since SP is too low. Red Fish's live.


that's actually not to point. It's the ratio that counts. If you have a high ratio, you can start having people following your trail and make even more in rewards than you use to.


I am happy with my ratio, but not with the SP. Have a look if you like.
The SP will grow over time. Sure, I have to be patient. But I think the most people follow the big curators.....

How to be a great curator ?
how to be in this list plz?


learn the rules of the game or ask @dontstopmenow directly :-)


thank you so much for this advice Have a great day

Thanks for sharing

I've got a question regarding steemauto.com. The website asked for the owner, active key or the master password. I think that's highly dangerous giving someone those keys! They are able to transfer Steem Dollar to any account they want with this key. Am I getting anything wrong?


All is done with SteemConnect so he doesn't have your keys or password. As the dev said:

I don't need. steemconnect wants that for adding posting role to accounts.

Very great. Thanks for the information. I will do it. May always be successful for you. I hope you also helped me in the development of my account. Thank you @cryptoctopus

i'm trying my best, but this is outstanding. nice info shared @cryptoctopus


Question: do I understand correctly that maximum curation payout occurs when someone votes at 30+ minutes as one of the first voters and afterwards voters with high amounts of SteemPower also vote on that post?

@cryptoctopus - 0.74% curation is impressive curation performance. We have lot to earn from him. Nice you decided to share this info Sir.... To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

This help a lot, i will try to do this.

Sir @cryptoctopus could you curate to me?
Thank you.

Reading through the comments give me the impression that this is a helpful post in increasing your curation rewards. However, the post itself is not easy to follow. I'm interested in improving my curation rewards though so any additional explanation would be appreciated.

Question: am I correct when I suppose that maximum curation rewards happen when voting at 30+ minutes on a post that hasn't collected much yet, while after my vote others with high SteemPower vote for that post?

So in order to have a highest possible Curation/SP% the best strategy would to accurately predict whale votes?

Honestly, following trails give crappy curation rewards unless you have a significant higher SP than those voting before you. Can't really call this list the best curators (when talking about rewards) either...


This guy was doing it even when nobody was trailing him.


To use utopian.io, it turns out, is very profitable ...

does an excellent job because finding the good articles in the new section is not easy. but very good to excel for this skill


It takes patience and a good eye to do that.

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Wow... this is awesome, and i actually consider thia to be a talent. It's indeed a talent to scout and find viral material posts, before they actually go viral. I'll definitely look into this very closely and i hope to learn to curate accurately and fast. Thanks for sharing @cryptoctopus

Oh yeah!! that's my bro haha, congratulations @dontstopmenow you are the curation king, not only for this amazing achievement with @cryptoctopus but for encouraging and teaching us all about how curation works, you are the man!! keep it up.

@dontstopmenow is the man! Keep on rolling!!!

Amazing !!!
Nice to see this article and my name :)
I try my Best to curate manually and pause my autovoter often, searching for great content.

Good info i like it keep it up

This is very helpful for us minnows. Thanks for sharing!

The performance by @dontstopmenow does sounds great and by this much SP he did pretty well .Will do follow and learn some tips from him as well
Thanks for the update

he is doing awesome job in curating :D

And he plays a mean game of poker @spl:)


hahaha as I said yesterday somewhere in Steemit.Chat, @spl is the best I have found in Steemit so far and by far.

See you at the tables!

He doesnt post much, so i guess thats the reason his ratio is so high, tough 5 sp a week by curation is really huge for a minnow!, impressive!

Impressive results. I'm also giving SteemAuto a try after hearing about it here. I can never just follow a trail though; I'm always combining techniques to find my own secret sauce.

Thanks for this info. I was made to realize hat the curation trail I was following was not beneficial to me. I am now following @dontstopmeknow to see what I can learn!

A list of non-greedy individuals giving back to the community , I like that