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Since the last post @commenthunter upvoted 48 comments and gained 3 followers. We also gained 5 reputation, putting us up to 45! Yesterdays post has a potential payout of $0.70, the highest yet. Lets try to beat that today. A full update on stats can be seen here via steemwhales and a full list of votes can be seen here via steemdb.  

The last 24 hours has seen a flurry of activity across steemit, and thankfully the comments haven't been left out. We seen more paying comments yesterday then the rest of the week combined. Keep up the good work steemians.

These paying comments should yield curation rewards for the project, and that also means we helped highlight some quality comments. Tomorrows update should highlight these curation rewards. 

If you want to help you can always upvote all the previous posts as well, that will help build up the 4 week payout. They have a potential of 0.01 but wont payout unless they reach 0.02. Thanks in advance to anyone who does this. You can also directly donate Steem Power or Steem Dollars (to be burned and turned) directly to @commenthunter. All donations over 1 SP will earn a spot on each update post.

 Please check out the donators blogs, as they deserve some upvote praise for their help.

Donators: @fathermayhem, @virtualgrowth


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