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Since the last post @commenthunter upvoted 72 comments. @commenthunter gained 2 followers and received another donation, this time from @virtualgrowth. Their donation attracted attention to their poker stake posts, @commenthunter will now be voting on these posts, to benefit from the rewards for the project. A full update on stats can be seen here via steemwhales and a full list of votes can be seen here via steemdb. 

We also won another 2 @steemsports bets, officially making @steemsports much more profitable for the project then posts. Full wallet history from the past few days below.

We also got our 1st curation reward!  1 day ago: Curation reward of 0.001 STEEM POWER for steemsports/re-steemsports-steemsports-mlb-world-series-final-cleveland-indians-vs-chicago-cubs-mass-distribution-game-20161102t180339212z. Hope for more of these to come as they prove we helped reward steemians, even if we didn't give the full reward.

A growing list of donators who have added 1 SP or more to the project will be at the bottom of each post from now on. Please check out the donators blogs, as they deserve some upvote praise for their help.

Donators: @fathermayhem, @virtualgrowth.


                                                (100% SP icon made by @stephen.king989)  

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