Clayboyn's Curation Corner 8/16/18

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Welcome back to another week of philosophy and psychology curation. Each featured post will be upvoted by the @msp-curation trail and one post will be resteemed and featured by the official @minnowsupport account. Please click through and show some love to the featured authors if anything strikes your interests!


My first pick this week comes from @your-nomad-soul. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and have actually already shared it with a few people privately to encourage them to read it and share it as well. The author gives a first person personification of what it's like to be an argument and it's a very good read. Hopefully it will help guide some of the more argumentative of us that read it towards a more peaceful state of being.


In this next post, @sstefan share's their thoughts on freedom and whether or not it actually exists. I find points that I agree with for the most part and I left some of my own thoughts after the post as well. It's certainly an interesting topic that I feel is quite heavily debated today.


I've given quite a few hugs in the @teamaustralia channel on Discord as I'm the official team hugger after all, but somehow I must have missed @bobaphet being philosophically inclined. This vlog has some great discussion about social anxiety being a sign or symptom of highly empathic people. Plus when your username is based on one of the coolest characters in sci-fi history, everyone should probably be following you anyway.


Next up is a vlog from @scottcbusiness. As we should all know at this point, I'm a major fan of Alan Watts. I love hearing other's perspectives on his lectures and Scott breaks down his thoughts on expressing gratitude for those holding the contrast to our beliefs. I'm glad I checked out the vlogs today, two great blogs to share with everyone was a bit of a surprise!


Last, but certainly not least, we have another post from the lovely and talented artistic Russian assassin, @ankapolo. I'm loving these philosophical deep dive posts of hers and this one is pretty interesting. She's discussing her thoughts on how to trust knowledge and it's something that I think we all have to figure out for ourselves at some point. Great read.

Thanks everyone for your time and consideration this week. Thanks to all of the authors and awesome content creators out there. As always please show them some love and support if you enjoy their content and I'll catch you all next time. Namaste.

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Love ya brother and always love to hear the Russian assasin and OG chicken nuggets go head to head .... you got my support and admiration :)


Why thank you kindly good sir.

Man, good stuff here! It seems like a wave of very particular kind of thought... a lot of self reflection and 'truth seeking'.

Thank you so much for including me on this list, talking with you was actually my inspiration - So double that thanks! ❤️❤️


It's an awesome post! Happy to share it with my fellow philosophy lovers.

Thanks for featuring my vlog. It's much appreciated :)


Much love to ya!

Cool. I am going to come back and check some of of these out when I finish writing.

Hey thanks for including me! Cheers :)


For sure! Great vlog.


I'll check out some more of your stuff now :)

your grate sir

hello sir i need your help...Why can not I get it?5858E05A-942D-479B-8685-2479BAE0A0B6.jpeg

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