Clayboyn's Curation Corner 2/22/18

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Welcome to another episode of my weekly curation. I'll be upvoting all posts personally as well as upvoting them from the @msp-curation account. One post will be resteemed from the official @minnowsupport account. If you like what I have to say about them, please click through and visit the featured authors and help me show them some love on the platform. We all succeed together.


My first pick this week comes from @vangelov. The author explores the concepts of good and bad and the concept of consciousness as the middle ground or observer. I write about this topic myself fairly often and it's always nice to gain perspective of how others view these topics and handle them. I resonate with the message and found the post very enjoyable.


Next up is a post from @liverehab. The author explores the concept of burning out and suggests how to go about preventing or handling burnout when it occurs. @liverehab's posts are generally based around the concepts of addiction and recovery and I feel they are a great resource to the steemit community. Mindfulness is fundamental to pretty much all of the concepts that I explore or relate to, so I enjoyed this post and found it useful. Check it out!


@dflo brings us an awesome post that is presented as an open letter to her son. The post feels very therapeutic and self exploratory, which is something I encourage everyone to do. Writing in a journal is one of the most commonly recommended activities for promoting mental health and it's important to be authentic with ourselves and others. I loved reading this post and hope you'll check it out.


For my penultimate pick, I bring you a post from someone who is far from a minnow. @papa-pepper is pretty much a steemit celebrity at this point, but I feel like that makes this post even more meaningful. It's important to be mindful of the truth we allow ourselves to believe and put out into the world. Focusing on negativity or past mistakes just limits who we are in the moment and holds us back from being the person we are meant to be. It's a great reminder and something that we all should remember to always be mindful of throughout every stage of our lives.


My last pick this week comes from one of my long time steemit friends @breezin. She is working on exploring the abundance mindset and working with the community to help her overcome a financial hurdle that has been weighing on her for a while. It's important to not give up on our dreams and keep working to find a way even when things get tough. You can click through to read her previous posts and the current post and perhaps we can all show her how steemit can help break down these walls and lead to a mindset of abundance. Thanks for all of your time and consideration again this week. Namaste.

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Thank you so much for featuring my post, and also thank you so much for the great work you do regarding comunity support as well as curation!


great work that you're doing here helping others and show casing their posts. The posts you have presented here are great, and good reads!

personally curating and upvoting is a real hard job. great selections. now i should also participate to be selected in your curation list. i will put all my efforts. it is worth i know. thank you

Thank you for curating me @clayboyn! I read this letter aloud to my son before I posted it and it was a humbling and positive experience, just as much as posting it was. Much gratitude for this support. <3


Awesome post and I'm happy to support you!

See why @vangelov was your first pick. His expose on the good and bad is illuminating...
In the end, our conscience play the leveling field.


Yup, it's great for a deep dive. :)


Sure one.. I am happy I found your blog.. Looking forward to receiving daily motivational and educative content.

I loved everyone of these posts, great pics @clayboyn thanks for this weeks choices I would not have seen them otherwise.


I'm glad you liked the posts! I think there are a lot of good authors and quality posts out there that no one ever gets to see as there is just too much spam and the tag system is kind of a pain. I'll keep doing what I can to find some good ones though. :)


That is wonderful, I know the authors will appreciate all your efforts. much love to you.

Ooooh... I think there's a quite a lot to dip my toes into this week... Particularly looking forward to the @breezin post which I've just opened in the next tab... I'm all about that abundance mindset and seeing how people use it to turn their lives into wonderful fantastic realities... That's the dream.

I think I might have to check out all of these though, so thanks for what looks like a great compilation! I'll try to report back for a mini review if I have the time xx


Damn! I just got through Vangelov's post! That was seriously awesome actually... So to the point and concise just packed with meaning... Had my head in a thought cloud for 20 minutes after reading it

And @breezin's post really does stand as a testament that the human spirit can remain determined and awesome when it surrenders to faith and accepts that where there is a will, there is always a way! I love that shit!


lot's of awesome post on steemit. :)

Thank you for collaborating with me to promote this post as explained at

very good post,,, beautiful photograph,, my dear friend @clayboyn. thank you for sharing ypur post..

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