Clayboyn's Curation Corner 12/20/18

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Welcome to another week of philosophy and psychology themed curation from around the blockchain. Each post will be upvoted by the @msp-curation trail and one post will be featured and resteemed by the official @minnowsupport account. Please click through and support the featured authors if anything interests you and help us support quality content creators on the platform.


My first pick this week comes from @eturnerx. I enjoyed reading his thoughts and breakdown of a "logical argument that God must exist." I think you will as well.


This post from @flurin gives a lot of insight into becoming aware of and managing one's own mind. The author shares a story about their experience with OCD and I think it's good for raising awareness and encouraging others.


In this post @lizziesworld gives a good reminder to be present and enjoy the day. Finding things to be grateful for is important and sometimes it's just the simple things in life.


Next up @agnikana shares a story about overcoming fear and self doubt. It's something that we all have to deal with on occasion. Great story and photography.


My final pick comes from @amymya with a timely reminder of what the holiday season is all about. As someone that doesn't personally embrace all of the materialism associated with the season, I found this post to be right up my alley.

Thanks to everyone for your time and consideration this week. Please click through and support the featured authors and share the love. Much love to you all! Namaste.

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Thanks for the shout out Clay ♡

Many thanks for the shout out!