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RE: Mind Your Votes! II - A guide to maximizing your curation rewards

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In short, manual curators don't need to worry about bots anymore.

Interesting. My bot is finally back up and running, has it cause you any trouble? HF18 broke it, and it was months before I could start it again.


Welcome back :) I hadn't even noticed! See what I mean? There are hundreds of good posts with less than $0.10 pending payouts every day, and I can only reach out to a fraction of them. The landscape has changed entirely, with activity up by 500% and rising. I don't think as curators your bot and I will ever cross paths now.

The only bot currently that seems to get in my way is Winfrey guild, but that exhausts voting power so quickly that it's only operational a few hours a week. With Hardfork 19, such bots will go the way of the Dodo. I'd love to see smarter ones continue to develop though.

I'm new, so my posts get around 3.00 or less. Question, why does the payout amount go down? I had a photo that was at 3.18 but went down to 1.11 in the 2 days near payout.

Cool, I like the sound of it. Since the restart, my bot has had its greatest success in the Korean community, for whatever reason. That could also explain some of why we don't run into each other.

Ah yes, that might be it! The Korean community has exploded. They have also invested heavily in Steem Power, so Korean posts often see large payouts.

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