My five favorite curators on Steem: @acidyo, @ausbitbank, @canadian-coconut, @teamsteem, @thejohalfiles.

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I've been on Steem for over a year. I've been watching the development of the platform. I'm seeing SMTs coming out soon and communities. I'm hosting some nice groups on (search trending for the latest). I have good things going on, but I don't frequently talk about curators. I've had to have a lot of discussion around curation lately as talking about bid bots seems to naturally segway into a discussion of curation, curation rules, and curators.

Curation is really hard to do well

If you look at my wallet you'll notice I have 56k Steem Power and Delegate out about 55kSP. That's all going to things I believe help new users on this platform be successful to fulfill my Witness mission and charter of the Minnow Support Project of helping spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, help Steem grow, and train and retain new users on teh platform, but that's not the only reason that I do it. The other reason is that good curation takes an assload of time and is hard to do well. You have to read hours of material and if you have a large stake you're constantly going back and forth between thinking of what is best for curation rewards and what is best for the platform. It's just really hard to do well and takes forever. So, I wanted to give a shoutout to some individuals that do a really freaking good job at this (and who have some pretty hefty balances such that their curation efforts make a big dent too).


As much as I rib him on his wall or in steemit chat or Discord I have enormous respect for this guy. I think he reads more articles in a day than every employee at Steemit combined. He's always around, he's always reading, and not only does he curate himself he's inspried a whole group of curators called OCD. You don't have to go far to see his fingerprints on the chain just pick a post at random and he's probably read it and commented on it. He's a role model for all Steemians to follow and I'm proud to call him friend.


He's the cofounder of the Minnow Support Project, a talented dev, a little shy, and bright as a whip. He's using a combination of manual and automatic curation to effective hit hundreds of posts and authors every week. His work ethic is nothing short of fantastic, and he seems to have the best intentions of this platform in mind as he's curating. There's hardly a minnow in the pond that hasn't received a vote from @ausbitbank. He's thoughtful, kind, and has a pretty exacting method that he applies to make curation happen. If you don't know he's a witness and you can and should vote for him!


This lady likes to hit some posts pretty hard. She has a range of interests including homeschooling, alternative education, western medicine safety concerns, and most recently trying to help families in duress. She's a voracious reader and a wealth of knowledge. She's kind hearted and has shared multiple stories of taking people into her home and trying to get them back on her feet. She's a mother and she's been my friend on this platform practically since the day I started on it. When she's not hitting posts with some mega ups she's also curating a ton of minnows in the pond. Many of you may not realize that despite not taking a highly vocal role in MSP operations nearly half of everyone tagged as registered with the bots was tagged by ca-co as she silently lead her quest to help organize the Minnow Support Project (much needed because it's not always my strong suit).


This guy is amazing. I see him touching posts from the smallest minnow the biggest whales. He's a one man army ensuring high quality content has whale support, and seems to take a deep interest in making sure good authors are rewarded on the platform. I don't have much more to say because he's one of the most hidden whales on the platform, but I think of him as a friend, and am grateful for the support he's given to me personally and many of the minnows in the pond.


Who doesn't know @teamsteem? He's one of the original founders of the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network. His French Canadian accent is immediately recognizable as well as his face and love of mangos. He's funny, charming, friendly, a growing presence with the Minnow Support Project, and one of the best curators on the chain. You can find him in multiple discord channels socializing and spreading good will for our Steem blockchain. He uses his steem power to help high quality content and high quality people from minnows to whales. Like @ausbitbank he's using a combination of automatic votes and manual curation to be highly effective reaching a large number of people. I'm proud to call him friend and thankful for his work.

honorable mentions

@gmuxx- This guy has been talking about minnow posts through muxxy bot for a while. He's a charming brit and if he had a little more Steem Power he'd be on the above list without question.

@berniesanders- For a while he was using the majority of his steem power to run engagement which was curating the shit out of this place. If you were here as far back as 6 months ago you've highly likely gotten a vote from them and didn't even know that it was bernie helping your ass out. He's got his fingerprints all over the blockchain. The only thing that keeps him out of my top five is his flagging. It's not that he flags shit content, that's actually an incredibly valuable service, but it's that he calls them cunts afterwards (in his defense he recently flagged one of my posts without calling me a cunt afterward so maybe he'll be in the top list of mine next time).

@transisto- Another solid curator with a ton of power, but also didn't quite make my list because of his flagging. In his case it sometimes seems random to me, but on the whole despite being prickly at times he's a great investor in the Steem platform. He takes curation very seriously, and when he's doing good flag work he's actually doing a great service to the platform to return shitpost rewards back to the hard workers and quality content producers on the block. I'm not sure I can call him a friend, but I can share that he has my respect. Thanks for what you do bud!

More to come, but I've just delegated 1k SP to a MSP curation effort and plan to pump it up to 10k before too long

If you're interested in high quality curation talk to MSP moderators @isaria and @juliakponsford as they are sprearheading the msp curation effort and will start having more power soon. Check @minnowsupport for details.

This post was written on a clone hosted by @netuso with a 5% beneficiary to @minnowsupport.

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This is such a great idea for a post, I love what he wrote about you. And I pushed your comment up as much as I was able :) Not enough people know what a champion for the platform and the little people you are, hopefully a ton will read this and learn.


THis is very true. About @ausbitbank has really encouraged minnows to steem on by curating their content. You forgot to mention @donkeypong and @surpassingoogle
They are really helpful and a big encouragement to the new steemains
I appreciate their works
Lastly @blocktrades is the reason why I’m here typing this
I nearly gave up on Steemit until he visited my blog somehow, upvoted one of my post and that changed my story. I got the motivation and zeal to steem on. This post is really nice
If they could get to see this
I just want to say they have been doing a good Job and have touched a lot of lives and in the process encouraged many minnows to steem on.
Thank you for sharing it.


Totally AGREE @Aggroed... Linda aka @Canadian-Coconut is just simply one of the BEST, very generous, kind AND as You suggested....

"She's a voracious reader and a wealth of knowledge. She's kind hearted and has shared multiple stories of taking people into her home and trying to get them back on her feet."

BIG Kudos to You Linda AND @Aggroed !!

Cheers !!

PS-I gave a 100% UpVote to Linda's comment above and it didn't even show up in the Top 20 UpVotes... Because Linda is so well known & liked within the Steemit Community....


he's SO right! I don't know how you do it to be honest!


It is well deserved Linda! Resteeming this post so all of you curators will continue to get credit and appreciation for your work!! I thank you Linda, @acidyo, @ausbitbank and @teamstean for every time you all have curated my posts. It really encouraged me and helped a minnow like me to stick around and I am so glad I did! 😊

Thanks for the nice words.
Most of the flagging I do is barely visible to most people. Reward suckers like to do it stealth mode. They do self voting during the last day or on their forgotten comments or just below the threshold to hit the main page. I sometime flag just to break old voting trails.
I take posts for what they are not for the people behind them. For example I just flagged one of @papa-pepper post, I'm sure he's a great guy but IMO the reward was too high relative to content.


It's a tough balance. I think you do a great job and I'm glad you're here!



The tough part in regards to Steemit from the perspective of a new author is gaining exposure while wading through the shit pond of garbage posts in order to gain a following. There are so many junk articles out there it can be off putting to find your solid effort in writing an engaging and detailed post swallowed by a sea of bullshit articles consisting of regurgitated links and unoriginal thought that are for all intents and purposes spam.

I find it particularly frustrating when the aforementioned bullshit articles are nothing more than an aggregation of links copied and pasted from various sources such as Google news on a topic. It reminds me of Magpie, the old content aggregation code that we would use to vomit key word relevant articles into a feed on a site in order to move of the SERP and game the Adsense system.


This unfortunately creates a situation where talented authors or those that have the requisite grey matter between their ears to write solid content must debase their character and engage in link spamming comments or whale posts in the hopes of getting some love.

I’m not quite sure what the solution to this issue is. Perhaps a category of up and coming should be created where new authors are featured based upon a ratio of positive feedback relative to posts; though even that would not work as it again fails to address the issue of initial exposure in order to gain the needed positive feedback. Perhaps a metric needs to be applied to number of words vs. links, or number of words total. Longer more engaging articles would receive a multiplier based on the likelihood of them containing good content. Whereas posts of aggregated links would receive a penalty as they likely contain nothing of substance.

This may even address what I as a new user have come to see as “lazy whale syndrome”.. I’m a whale, I made it.. I’m just going to post articles full of links with the mentality that the legion of dung beetles following me will upvote in the hopes of gaining curation manna the turd I just produced.

I’m not sure what the actual solution is so I’ll just keep lurking in the shadows ambushing whale articles with link spam until I’m all grown up and can venture out on my own.

Also on a side note; Steemit seriously needs a larger text input box in the comment section for folks like me that actually like to type detailed responses… 


Aha! I think I will use that meme pic on spam comments on my post from now on.


You are a great man!


@transisto - If you're finding that your rewards are too high on your own post, what can you do to rectify it before other users see it as a potential issue? You can't reduce your own rewards as far as I know, right? I can't imagine coming across this on my own posts anytime soon, so asking for the future.


It is not in the ui but it is possible to set maximum payout using the steem package for Python.


I find it distasteful to flag for reward. It is like doing a Cyprus bail-in. Five dollars seems like a real high amount for a comment. I was here in 2016 and I saw rolelandp get thousands of dollars for their makeup tutorials so who am I to go ahead and flag somebody for $5 comment? No I will not flag this comment.


You do a LOT of good for this community and while I could easily see how a lot of people may not like your actions I think its mostly just selfish reasons. I have seen a LOT of actions that prove you care a lot about the success of this community and platform.


I am honoured to be mentioned. One day I will make your list, you can count on it.


You do a great job Muxxy. Hopefully this can call some extra attention to what you're doing and get you even more support!


Many thanks dude. Fingers crossed.

As for your list, I agree totally. All mentioned are worthy of your accolade.


This is great info.

This is filled with the highest element of truth. I personally can say @canadian-coconut is not just the greatest curator I know, but a awesome reader and a greatly compassionate individual. My short time here on steemit has been overly sweet and positive. I came on steemit after reading some of her amazing posts and the recent project she and @markwhittam are involved with to help children.

She even went as far to read and give me constructive critics to be a better writer here on steemit. She is just awesome, Big-Hearted, and a natural fighter for Good. Thanks @canadian-coconut, words can not tell!.

Thank you @aggroed!

I really appreciate the person that you are. You've been a very positive influence in my life and a positive influence for Steem.

You're awesome and I'm glad to call you a friend too. I feel a deep connection.

So again, a big sincere thank you!


Again Totally with You @Aggroed regarding @TeamSteem !!

Who doesn't know @TeamSteem? He's one of the original founders of the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network. His French Canadian accent is immediately recognizable as well as his face and love of mangos. He's funny, charming, friendly, a growing presence with the Minnow Support Project, and one of the best curators on the chain. You can find him in multiple discord channels socializing and spreading good will for our Steem blockchain. He uses his steem power to help high quality content and high quality people from minnows to whales. Like @ausbitbank he's using a combination of automatic votes and manual curation to be highly effective reaching a large number of people. I'm proud to call him friend and thankful for his work.

I gave another 100% UpVote to @TeamSteem and barely made the Top UpVoters for TeamSteem...He is just simply one of the BEST Steemians and hopefully soon will be a Top 20 Witnesses for Steemit. Currently #33 on the Witness List.

Please consider voting for @TeamSteem as a Witness... please click on the link below to vote.

Respectfully Requested --->

BIG Kudos @Aggroed for Everyone mentioned in this Post !!

Cheers !!


Looking forward to working together even more in 2018. Should be fun!


I hope I can join in on the work too boss! ive been pulling my own weight on curation too, i actually try to emulate some of them (ausbit ,johal, teamsteem) by checking their voting on steemd, i looked for how they do it, its amazing.

Funny enough, everyone there got my witness vote, well except canadian-coconut.

Also, i would recommend @curie for your next top 5, along with @sndbox, @donkeypong, @kevinwong, @hanshotfirst, @surpassinggoogle.

These guys touch great community authors that would otherwise struggle on the platform.


Go TeamSteem!!!

I and we here at The Garden of Eden LOVE YOU!

@canadian-coconut is an angel here on Steem, definitely an example for other Steemians to follow.... I continue to be inspired by her drive to help others and of course bring some light to the issue of vaccination...
I must she is slowly winning me over to the anti-vaccine camp, I come from a medical science background, so I was very much pro vaccine but these blogs have really open my eyes to the many dangers that vaccine pose and how we still need an open dialogue on the issue...
Thank you for bringing the awareness


Yep. Second (or third, or maybe more...) that. @canadian-coconut has upvoted many of my posts on unschooling, and been a friend to those parents who are trying to find their way outside of the mainstream government education system. I count her as one of the top steemians about, and am really grateful for her support.


Very few people recognize this is a real problem

These people are very familiar to me. Thank you for pointing them out. They deserve the kudos they get for making really good posts more popular than the other ho-hum posts.

If one day I have enough SP, I'd like to do what they do (more than I can with what I have now).... I think it can be rewarding to know you are really spreading the daily rewards where they need to go. It's unfortunate they don't get thanked more than they do.. but you've just proven that we do care and I'm very thankful you wrote this post! 100% upvote.


You can always start anytime! As long as you have above 500SP, you can vote round and manage VP, a great guy will always be a great guy. I have see your works too, and unfortunately the flags given to you too, just keep at it, and put more more effort.

You have really mentioned great people. @teamsteem is awesome! Selfless and has a good heart. I would also like to add @donkeypong and @kevinwong in my own list as they arw part of my awesome curators.

Am glad people like these are always there for tge yoing generation like us on this platform. They have always got our backs and am proud of them all. Shout out to @johalfiles... you rock!

@canadian-coconut and @markwhittam on the #familyprotection where I first knew them are wonderful too.

Thabks for compiling this wonderful list.


Yes, @donkeypong would most certainly be added to this list in my book, he was my first champion, and an all around champion for steemit with a huge heart :) And right with him is @surpassinggoogle.


Totally Agree with You @GloGlo about everyone You've mentioned in Your comment above.

Cheers !!

Great Post @aggroed, i can absolutely agree to the list above :) I talked at least to a few guys in there and they all care a lot about the well being of this blockchain and curate great stuff.
This is the spirit!
Thanks alot guys

...helping spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, help Steem grow, and train and retain new users on teh platform...

This is damn near poetic....and should be the motivation for everyone on steemit. Sadly, it is not but it is a good goal.

Steem can be the blockchain to freedom for hundreds of millions of people. Few take the time to look at their motives. If we operate exclusively from self interest, that will cause us to encounter others who are doing the same. However, when we come from a place of spreading abundance, we find that our lives are filled with it.

I thank you for all you do on here and your year of giving back to this community to help it grow.

I am going into my 4th month here and look forward to doing what I can to help it grow. Steem has a huge future.


Right on! It's really inspiring and motivating to see this sort of attitude on here.

I'm originally from YouTube really, but the demonetization of the smallest things has really started to push me away. Here I can keep sharing what I know and what I'm passionate about for free, and even potentially be rewarded for it. The whole time meeting well meaning people because it seems like everyone can win together here.


Oh you didnt share it for was monetized....just YouTube took all th emoney.

Welcome and I hope you find this place a lot more to your liking. You might want to start posting on

The posts appear in your blog on here automatically too.


I'm really proud of you Aus. You do a ton of good shit and you're an amazing curator on top. I'm stoked to call you friend and brother.


Champion. Australia's backbone.


@ausbitbank is every where, and @teamsteem too. Their DNA strands are found across the steem universe.


You are one of my fav on steemit. Silent as I stand to be corrected but you are compassionate too.

Never believed I would be among those you curate daily but am happy I am. You are too awesome. Never knew you are shy😁, no wonder you don't talk much. I was afraid of you initially but now am not as I now know how selfless you are.

You inspire me a lot. Keep doing great @ausbitbank.


@aggroed This is awesome! For many the work done behind the scenes of Steemit can be hard to understand. I'm really happy to be part of this new platform and everyone doing their best to contribute in a positive a way to this community will see great benefits. Great/helpful post :) Best wishes always.


Welcome😄, you're right, many do not know. If you check steemd, you'll be surprised the amount of posts these people vote per day.

Great post @aggroed. It is so very important to appreciate great curation efforts and am indeed pleased to see this coming from you.
Amongst all the great curators u have mentioned in this post, i would specially like to mention about my dear friend Linda @canadian-coconut. She is indeed a very kind hearted person and a great human being who not only cares for the needy and poor children but also ensures that they well placed with the best of her efforts. I have seen her selflessly supporting so many minnows on the steemit platform. Linda is truly a role model for steemit platform. I have very high regards for her. Its never too late for other steemit stalwards to take a lead from her and support the steemit platform as selflessly as she does. Many thanks Linda for all your support. You are a true role-model.
Regards Nainaz

Totally agree with this!

@Ausbitbank is definitely a hero of mine! <3

And I feel I should get to know all the other curators you've mentioned because if they are half as legendary as Aus then each Steemian worth his salt owes it to himself to extend some love and thanks their way!

Thanks for the awesome post Aggroed!
It's so important to show good people who do wonderful things for others our appreciation! We really forget to do it too much!

Thank you @aggroed for this amazing post that really shows us how blessed and grateful we should be for these amazing curators that make this platform a better place.
I have been here on steemit for 6 months and I got to know a bit about these amazing curators @canadian-coconut (love her) @acidyo, @teamsteem, @ausbitbank and @thejohalfiles they deserve to be celebrated for all the hard work they provide by helping others to succeed.

#SteemHeroes!!! Absolutely :) :) :) Incredible Steemians, giving from their hearts. Making the day of so many people, all the time!!


you are right. making friend on steemit. that is awesome. everyone should make freind on steemit.

Awesome, I have to agree on pretty much all counts. What a nice idea, to show them love like this for all of their hard work, people don't realize just how time consuming curating is. And difficult it is to be the 'bad guy' in terms of flagging when it's being done for the betterment of the platform.

as I can agree with you @aggroed, @canadian-coconut is a very honest person. And Steemit should be happy to have such true persons like her on this platform to help other families but as well to open the eyes for people which are till now running for the pharmacy products. If the world didnt have such strong people, it will be much worst... In my 4 month I am here on Steemit, I can truly say, it change many things and I connect to very nice persons.

Very informative and quite a positive motive on your own part. I wish I have the brains to really be successful in here. Thank you thou

@austbitbank is a great guy


i've send him a post once via chat on discord and he help me with a 35% vote :)

Wow I didn't know it until now. A curator is having a had work than the system. Was always thinking that system will do all the work. Well keep up the good work and great job done for the new Comer, me too.

What a nice introspect into these wales' work. I think Acidyo deserves to be mentioned first, he does a fantastic job on the platform .

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@agroed i never knew much about this guys and even you yourself, but i have a suggestion in reference to this.

That's all going to things I believe help new users on this platform be successful to fulfill my Witness mission and charter of the Minnow Support Project of helping spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, help Steem grow, and train and retain new users on teh platform, but that's not the only reason that I do it.

i believe you can assign some people to serve as curator of which will help to always have quality post to curate always.


What a great idea. I wonder why no one thought of this before

Nice work friend

Cheers mate, posts like this are really helpful for newbies like myself. Your blog, like those you mention are pretty good examples for me to learn from! :)

Great post ..thanks! @aggroed

That's a great info @aggroed

Great post about curation..

There is a great tool now which auto curates for minnows, actually for all Steemians, and it is real simple. @steemdunk is specifically designed for ease of use when it comes to curating.

@aggroed, thanks for sharing about people who have making an impact on you and the Steemit community.

I recognized most of the names, but you introduced me to a couple of new ones.


I wish you will do the best in your steemit life.I have seen you passed one year on the steemit.And you have mentioned your favourite five steemians that's great of your spottless speech.Thanks for openness.I like your this work.Thank you.

I remember @teamsteem he was so kind when i arrived here :) he helped me to start on steemit with his upvotes :) . And i will not disappoint him, starting with next year i will promote steemit and on our all shows outro ! Steem ON !

You got a 100.00% upvote from @mjrcrypto courtesy of @yabapmatt!

This post has received a 30.00 % upvote from @lovejuice thanks to: @aggroed. They love you, so does Aggroed. Please be sure to vote for Witnesses at

Nice selection. Couldn't agree more..
I interacted with @acidyo. He is awesome..

You got a 33.33% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @aggroed!

I'm still learning the platform and the players here. Thanks for the informative post and for being generous with your voting and Steem Power. It inspires minnows like myself to keep plugging away.


You just curated curators.

This post has received a 41.57 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @aggroed

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I am fascinated by describing steemit's five topics, I am very happy to see your post, I know many things I want to know from you, I want to be successful from here, would you cooperate?

They are a great group. I read their posts when they put them out because if they can teach me something it is a plus and helps me on Steemit.

We working hard to be on such list smday

Literally all these people mentioned above (amongst with so many others), it is so respectable how much time and effort you are all putting in.

I hope by the time steem goes to the moon, this will all benefit you all so ridiculously :)

I knew very little about these guys before today except of course that I always would notice if they had stopped by one of my posts. I have a new found respect for some after reading this.

Your all friends are cool. you give information about him. so nice. you give respect him by posting about them.

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I never get to see thejohalfiles around but I see you and gmuxx like crazy.
I will definitely look around and find the others.
Nice post @aggroed

@aggroed @teamsteem @ausbitbank @berniesanders has been helping my post too , I am very greatful.

This post has received a 23.26 % upvote from @sneaky-ninja thanks to: @aggroed.

This is a great list @aggroed as a newcomer to the blockchain I completely agree with you, I have received a huge amount of support from some of the brilliant guys in your list and I now know who to follow next. Thanks for putting it together and all these curators deserve all the support they can get!

Now I see the team structure of whole PAL. @aggroed should peg this to the welcome page of PAL :)

Excellent blog .

Nice Post & following to hear from your more @aggroed & RESTEEMED as well ;)

Yes, truly each of the above named curators not a day goes by that you don't see their name on a post be it a new user or old, they truly do a awesome job, which ever well they apply, @acidyo and his team or @ausbitbank who uses different means to ensure that his steem power reaches everyone, to all I say well done

Senior experienced Steemians like you are my guidance. Your analysis is perfect. Your mission is noble. Any growing platform needs only this. Selection of all the 5 is nice. I am on Discord, after reading your post I understood the value of witness @ausbitbank, @teamsteem too. . Thanks to you. Since a long time I had lot of confusions as how to choose witness and vote a witness. Posts like this will throw some light to decide voting on witness. I wait for your next selection of curators. I am now following.
Today I could decide on 3 witness votes, including you. Thanks for your post

We need good curation that doesn't just favour a chosen few. The whales can delegate to those they trust to do this. It shouldn't just be about the curation rewards. Do it to support steemit and help it grow by encouraging the good minnows


INvestors want to make money and the return relative to other cryptos is already low. I don't think the answer can be forgo more rewards for a sustainable future.


I understand that, but it can be harmful to the platform and the rewards could be much greater down the line

Great choices!

I have a great amount of respect for them not just because of their quality curation but there morals, character and so much more that they do for this community!

Thanks for sharing and promoting quality Steemians!

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tolog help me, why my posting is always a little payment.@aggroed

My top curators are you people. Some curate for me because of their kind-hearts and some because they are kind.

God Bless you all.

Original post @aggroed . Seems like everyone is looking what is going on Steemit xxx

i hope one day i would be mentioned on such post as i am quite new here

Now I need 100000% voting power to follow the trail of all this good curators.

thats a great post my dear..carry om your activity..all the best..✌👌👌✌


Did you read the article? Sorry for asking but your comment is very generic


yes and comment this post already..

Oh I see... Hmmm I should read more of their posts too.

dear friend
i see your all blog
your content quality is so good
i hope you succes


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