Quiet hunt.

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Autumn is a beautiful, slightly sad time. It's like an evening of nature. And leaves from trees are an earth blanket.


This season begins hunting. Hunting for mushrooms. It is called "Silent Hunt"
For this, I first went into the forest. It was not scary or dangerous. Because I had a knife, haha. In fact, the knife is needed to cut the mushroom, check it for parasite.


The forest was so quiet and beautiful, they are written in books. Leaves rustle underfoot, sometimes birds fly from branches.

I did not stop looking around and see the forest life. I realized that I saw the work of the beaver.




The main thing is to know what kind of mushroom you need. I do not need to collect Amish!


Of course, I was not alone in this forest. With me was my dog Richard. He really enjoyed this trip! I think he even hunted rodents. The dog snorted the ground and waved his tail.


I found the way home very quickly, because this place is frequented by people. Because of the noise of people, a snake or a bear does not live here. But I think that in the depths of the forest, far from me, they are there.



This journey took 2 hours. From the collected mushrooms I cooked soup at home. By the way, I did not give my little child such a soup. Too exotic.

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