Acehnese women's traditions sing beautiful poems while delivering their children to sleep ( Peuratep Aneuk)

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Greetings steemian.

Aceh has a variety of cultures and customs that amaze the world, one of which is the tradition of singing poetry to deliver small children to sleep (Peuratep). But as the development of the tradition is almost extinct, only a few are still using this unique tradition. As in the video above, a mother is singing a beautiful poem while swinging her child in a swing. It seems that the child enjoys the poetry chanting sung by his mother, until the child falls asleep. For children in Aceh, this tradition might be familiar, they must have felt it as a child. What about your childhood, have you experienced this?

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Bagaimana brother, ada kayak gt waktu kecil??

Sepertinya ada, tapi mamak lupa back up poto2 di hape. 😀

Hahahaha, itu yg penting. Tak perlu foto, yang penting kenangan di ingatan.

Haha. Padahal dulu katanya ada divideokan jugag. Gak dibikin bekap, jadi ilang pas hape jatuh ke sungai waktu mamak cuci baju. 😀
Pelajaran: backup data itu penting.

Hahahahaha, bisa ja ya ....

Bagus sekali videonya bg @bonesumpal,semoga tradisi orang aceh peuratep aneuk ini tidak akan hilang sepanjang masa.

Amin, terima kasih @yati
Silahkan dipraktekan ya...

Belom bisa iramanya bang,agak susah hehehe...

Hehehehe, irama bisa apa saja. Yang penting sikecil tertidur ...
Okey @yati

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