Tradition In Aceh Fishermen Not Fishing On Friday

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Hello Steemians,..
It is a tradition in Aceh from ancient times that on Friday the fishermen did not go fishing for fish. Traditional customs are still adhered to, fishermen are not on the move and motorboats are propped up on the dock.

Every Friday, dozens of fishing boats are parked at TPI Ujong Blang pier, some fishermen are resting at home and others repairing damaged vessels including mending nets.

The people of Aceh have become a tradition not to go to sea on Friday even taboo because Friday is a very special day to worship. For Muslims Friday is the commander of the day and there are certain times the prayer will be accepted by God.

On a typical day, these fishing boats always sail out to sea for fishing for days and even weeks. Many fish are obtained by fishermen along the coast of Ujung Blang, some fish are sold in the area and others are sold outside the region.

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