LAKHE: A Demon Among DEITIES [Culture]

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LAKHE is a demon in Nepalese folklore. He is depicted with a ferocious face, protruding fangs and mane of red or black hair. Lakhes figure prominently in traditional Newar culture of Nepal Mandala. The Lakhe tradition is found in the Kathmandu Valley and other Newar settlements throughout Nepal

Lakhes are said to be demons who used to live in the forests and later became protectors to the townspeople. A female Lakhe is known as LASIN

The other common legendary being in Nepalese folklore is the Khyah, who is depicted as a fat, hairy ape-like creature.

In Nepal, inthe newari community, lakhe is to be believed the demon with full impower for the flusing around all the evil powers and the spirituals taking away from the newari peoples.



Hello !! nice work !! i found you from FB group page..follow me and will support eachother work.

sure, n thnx for comment

Old traditional culture.. Still alive.. Love to b part of it.. Yama Lakhey..😈😈

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