Speaking Pidgin Language - Local Hawaiian Style

in culture •  11 months ago


If you're not familiar with the Pidgin Language, it's a bit of a slang form of English that is basically super cool!

Instead of saying, "So... the food is not to your liking?"
In Pigeon you say: "What? you no like da food?!!"

Instead of saying, "How are you doing today?"
In Pigeon you say: "Eh, Brah, Howzit?!"

Instead of saying, "That individual is fairly wealthy."
In Pigeon you say: "Ho Brah! He get choke money!!"

:: IN THE PICTURE:: (my attempt to speak Pidgin)

Ho! One local Brudda in Christ 'trowing up da Shaka to show love fo all da peepo’s for who like see what we doin at #waimanalo and sharing God’s love & special kine chili dogs // wonderful people showing aloha ❤️ to me.

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thanks useful knowledge, I am planning to visit Hawaii this Fall, I will try this slang


Right on @skytoin // Just be careful where you use it. [wink wink]