What would be considered taboo in Albania?

in #culture7 years ago (edited)

Some taboos that are basically superstitions:

  • Throwing your garbage at night. Reason: It’s bad. No one gives any more detail, I have always thought it is a way to avoid going out at night since you might be robbed, hurt or killed.
  • Whistling at night. Reason: You awake the souls of the dead. It is very creepy to whistle at night after you have this in you mind. I think is just a way not to disturb other people who might be sleeping.
  • Spending money at night. Reason: It's bad. Something about losing money? Nevertheless, smart decisions are made in the light of day.
  • Cutting your child’s nails before the age of one. Reason: They will become thieves. This one is proven, because every thief had their nails cut before the age of one.
  • Showing a picture of your baby before they are 40 days of age. Reason: Facebook. There might be some religious background to this, but any time I asked why they post only a covered baby in Facebook I got told, because it is bad to do so.
  • Complimenting on the good looks of a new born. Reason: Protect them from the bad eye.
  • Paying  compliments to someone without knocking on wood, touching your crotch,  or spitting three times. (The crotch thing is prevalent). Reason:  Protect them from the bad eye.
  • Touching your throat without blowing your hand afterwards. Reason: It has always been so. 

Taboos that are forbidden societal rules:

  • Marrying your cousin, 4th cousins I think is more tolerable.
  • Being non-heterosexual. Edit: Make it anything non-heteronormative.
  • Being sexually active and admitting it as something normal, before marriage, as a woman.
  • Imposing religion to someone, even non-religion.
  • Not giving some money on a wake. Usually starts with 500 ALL.
  • Showing no interest in education. People will treat you like you are mentally challenged.
  • Standing down when someone you will greet enters the room.
  • Letting your guest pay.
  • Leaving guests in a celebration hungry.
  • Anything HIV/AIDS related. We have December first, and that is about it.
  • Demanding explanation for [context] to someone who is considered your superior. Social or professional.
  • Bitching about food / quality of service to your host. You do it like a normal person behind their back.
  • Thinking you have the same equal rights as any other human of developed countries. Albanians are sub-human and that is a fact. /s
  • Marrying someone who is from the Roma community.

@stivenllupa I didn't like the comment on humanity of Albanian, they are not some sub group. i recommend, don't say it in their face, you will not have one left

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