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It looks similar, but quiet different Main building in SSang Gye Sa
The name of main building is Dae Woong Jeon


The meaning of Dae Woong Jeon is the palace for Buddha. Literally speaking, Dae means Big or Great, Woong means Male or bear. So Das Woong means Big male, or Buddha.

The Dae Woong Jeon in this temple was amazing. Surrounded scenery was excellent. At first glance I acknowledged this building was super special.

The external appearance showed me this temple was extraordinary.

Let’s look at this building in detail.
At first I’d like show you the poles and the walls of this building.

The color of the poles and the walls was fading away. But fading away color gave me much more impressions on it’s historic aspect.

front wall



Let’ s look at the other walls and poles
This wall was side wall.



This pole is showing you what the history is.


This wall was backwall



There is no record when this temple had been built, but there is some record that this temple had been repaired in 1738 AD.

I don’t think any explanation, it is better to show you the Pics. The photos could explain the history and the specialty of this temple.

The corner stone and the pole are the history itself.





I wish you enjoy this journey of history.
I’d like to show you this temple more in detail.
I think it is worth of looking at evert corner of this building in detail.


You caught some interesting details in your picture like always. Good job and pics @slowwalker !

This is amazing, how long do you think this building has been there? I love history and this is a great place I would like to visit and experience myself. It holds a lot of memories I believe and the stories also would be great. Really nice post

So beautiful. I can feel peace even by just looking at those photos.

Did you meditate inside like Buddha? :)

Great post, amazing building. Without meditation everyone would feel peace there considering surounding of that place.

the Dae Woong Jeon is an interesting structure that complements its environment.

The poles supporting it are crudely cut tree trunks that have been painted both for preserving the wood from the elements and for concealing the rough cut logs.

The structure is painted in Dancheong colours literally, red and blue/green.

The faded paint is testimony to the palace's age and perhaps to government laxity in restoring and preserving historical sites.

The photographs are stunning, @slowwalker, and I look forward to learning more about this building and its features

Beautiful photos as always! Thanks for taking us on this trip with you. It looks like we are back in synch as I just posted a little while before this.

Really cool post how old is the temple?

Excellent photos slowwalker. Upvoted and followed. Hey, I just finished my 2nd month of milestone at steemit. You might have missed it. Come and take a look at my travels and people I got into steemit. Thanks, Rosa

Beautiful color and details of building! :)

Awesome photography thanks for sharing...

Beautiful photography and the poles are indeed amazing.

These wooden poles has stood solidly for all these years mate and are still there...wow!
The faded color says it all about how old these are!
I am intrigued with the small square in the pole though! What was it for!?

looks very nice! I can't wait to visit places like this

That's really nice to know about those kind of temples. Nice share !

Amazing symbolic architecture. There are dragons that symbolise the significance of the building.The carpenters were masters and didn't use a nail. Beatifully crafted junctions. I just love the tree columns. Thanks you for sharing.

beautiful post and pictures as usual! Learnt a lot :D

I really doubt these are the poles or were the trunk of the whole trees. They seem to be the big trees which became dead with the time.

Woow very nice photos ... @mallikabibi 📷📷📷👍

I recently went to Beomeosa 범어사 in the Northern part of Busan, its a great way to spend a day away from the noisy city. The artistry on some of the buildings is absolutely stunning.

a culture that is very interesting you show. preserve your culture, without your children and grandchildren will not even remind about the [email protected]

Absolutely beautiful photography!

Amazing photo

Quite cool they have preserved everything :) wonderful to know about it

it is splendid to see how you show us history. Thank you my friend.

Wonderful pictures of this beautiful temple complex and how the tree trunks were incorporated here, I have never seen before.

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Best of the Best post, Learning History
Means we are tracing the time manchine And also we have saved the future

Thanks for writing the article About history @slowwalker

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Good photography

good job..

What a beautiful and astonishing building. The textures and colours - like a piece of art.

The details of ancient buildings never cease to amaze us. How far are those ways to build ... how much craftsmanship and how much art in these decorations. Thank you @slowwalker

wow that is one old pole! Good eye for noticing the original parts of the building.

This post was very informative great picture thank you for sharing
you have my upvote plus a resteem

very beautiful photos thanks for sharing with us

Ohh is this South korea? One of my best country tho, I love this building and it is good to know the Great name

Dae woong jeon

and the meaning Big male.
I wish to know more about the history of Korea even with my favorite actors like Park Shin hye

Hi @slowwalker

i like ur post so upvote, follow n resteem


muy linda la arquitectura un lugar magico para visitar

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I love history that's why i like your post @slowwalker..

@slowwalker, what a thoughtful and organic construction. Perhaps our food was closer to nature and creator!

Very good your post @slowwalker. Success for you.

Great photos.thanks for sharing.

Das Woong or Big male, or Buddha is a building full of history and story...lokks beautiful too..always enjoy your posts my friend...keep steeming to more success

Love the attention to detail you pay to @slowwalker. Upvoted. Do check my posts when you have time @harshameghadri

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waoo Amazing photos!!

Amazing atmosphere!
This is my drawing on that theme!
This is Buddha- monk! :DD

It's so serene and quiet. It's good for your soul. Feel at ease with your pics. Nice one. Keep it up.

Beautiful photos

Great photos. What camera are you using? The quality on these is amazing...

Dae Woong Jeon's beautiful main building temple, I am about the pillar of this temple building, already thousands of years but still intact, this is extraordinary..., very strong wood..

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