What I saw in market place in WonJoo city during my last business trip

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I had had my last business trip for several days ago.
As I wrote before in some posing, it was my last business trip before my retirement.

Everything what I had seen in the business trip was very special, because it was a last trip in my job.
My fellow colleagues thoughtfully care for me during a trip.

Of course I will continue to travel after the retirement. Journey is not only my hobby but also my job.
With traveling, I could confirm what I knew is true or false.

And I could find something what I didn’t know.
More over traveling is a kind of meditation for me.

I had walked for long time in traveling.
Walking is very simple activity in human, but this simple behavior provide very special chance to look at my surrounding and to find new things that I could not notice before whether it was scenery or feeling.


In this travel to Wonjoo city, I found the scenery that I had forgotten for long time.
As entering into the market place in Wonjoo city, I could look at some of oldmen playing Korean Chess.


Old people were gathered around playing men and talking each other what was right and false.
This scene reminded me of when I was a child. When I was a child, my father and his friends were gathered by the street and playing Korean Chess from time to time.

The scene that I saw in Wonjoo market place brought me back to the past and made me of recalling my father passed away 3 years ago.

My last business trip was very special for me to think my childhood and my father.

I miss my father.

Will my son miss me when I were dead ?


retirement is a milestone in a person's life, @slowwalker, and necessitates an adjustment.

When I retired from teaching to pursue full time writing I had anticipated everything but two things - the familiarity and comfort of routine, and the loss of collegial friendships.

Working automatically structures your life because you have places to go and people to meet - your time is literally not your own. So, what will you do when your time is totally your own?

And those people you worked with for years - you will have to work hard to continue the friendship and not rely on proximity to supply a ready-made connection.

My advice to you, @slowwalker, is not to retire to cease doing things but to retire to start doing other things, things you never had time for when you worked.

Retirement is not walking away from things but walking toward new things, and I know you will keep on walking, my friend :)

Thank you so much for sharing this reflection on a big transition in your life. I hope retirement gives you opportunities to spend time with your son and perhaps share stories about you and your father with him. 🤗🤗

I feel for him, this story too is what i can relate to when i had to relocate because of work to another state, i missed my families so much 😢

Sorry you had to go through that, @marshalllife. Have things improved for you now?

Little bit, but im tryna get over that focus

May your's father rest in peace, you live a long life, thanks for sharing your trip with us.

A wonderful memory, I miss my father to. Your son will truly miss you.

all of us are children basically, and we really understand the feelings of a child to his father, I am sure that your child will continue to miss you anytime. now even up to old. like you miss dad now .. thanks @slowwalker :-)
greeting by @green07

Maybe you can visit Philippines too when you retire, I'm sure you will enjoy it there.

May God bless you and your family always!

Soar High Be An Inspiration

and of course your son will miss you...but don't think about it yet just enjoy quality time with him.

It's a beautiful thing to remember good childhood days. What you shared is amazing. I might not be hold but I remember the days my father used to hang around with his friends to discuss issues of life and local proverbs. He would always ask me to sit with them and I was very small but I learnt a lot those days. He's still alive and strong. @greatness96

Even after such a great personality you are leaving is so simple I really appreciate the way you live your life

a nice story my friend. but also see it as a chance, with your retirement you enter a new stage of life. I miss my dad too. He left us before he retired....

Reading your post makes me miss my dad too mate! He passed away nearly 9 years ago.
When I look at people on the road side playing, enjoying and talking like this, I feel so good.

He doesn't know yet but he will miss you.

This is true. You are right @oldtimer.

Travel fun trip, hopefully all your business runs smoothly

it very great game ..because requires logic of thinking and training of intelligence.. Nice post @slowwalker

You seem like a gentle spirit @slowwalker, so I don't see why your son would not miss you. Gentle spirits are usually missed in this world. I hope retirement brings you much peace and happiness.

Great photography of Korean people. Also you can really see how the Northern Hemisphere has entered the Autumnal Equinox.

That completely depends the person himself, hopefully your son will have same kind of emotions as you had towards your father.

In my country we call it: "trilja"

nice post ..............
for history follow me

good job my friend..

Again I enjoyed your writing style a lot. Traveling was always like therapies and a finding of solutions for me. There are places.. maybe the place with the old men was one.. where the time is ticking different. I like that places especially when they are calm. The fast ones sometimes too, but not for long time. They can fresh you up but later they take your energy. Some people are nomads and some are not. If you move, you are still alive. It is like changing the point of view or the perspective. Your last question I would answer with yes, because there is a band between you and your close relatives. Even if you don't understand each other, blood is thicker than water. All the best for you. Greetings from already freezing Mongolia, Silbart.

Very interesting, good post and I like, hopefully the next post better with a more perfect idea. follow me @pojan, Upvote and give a positive comment for me.


He will!
Congrats on your new chapter of life. What are your plans? My dad is going to retire next year and he is looking for a great hobby to use the time meaningful.

Sure, your son will miss you as you did to your father. Anyway, playing chess is good to kill time and improve our concentration ability. As always your post is awesome and thank for sharing @slowwalker

I had no idea you were about to retire!!

That is a great story and best wishes to you on this milestone @slowwalker.

It seems your dad and my dad passed away not too far apart from each other.

Of course your son will miss you!

Again, have a good week.

Great post, it most be a amaizing trip!

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Lovely post. Best wishes to you :) - @splendorhub

Will my son miss me when I were dead ?

Be sure, he will!

Thank you for taking us all on a journey through time, I wish you all the very best in your well-deserved retirement:)

Great Picture try to read as many of you post as possible appreciate you taking the time to share you have my vote & resteem

Best of luck in your retirement years. Never give up what you love. If it is travel then you must do just that and investigate along the way. We will look forward to a new kind of post where you share the spirit of happiness with us all . 🐓🐓

its great to see people gathering and playing

The starting was great and at the end it was emotional :)
Of course he will ,but wish for you to live long enough ;)

@slowwalker I wish you a great retirement years and its time for you do spend more time doing what you love and with your family. Your children will surely remember you if you be there for them when they need you most. Wish you success.

Thanks for your post @slowwalker, it reminds me that main thing in life is not money, or job, or any kind of rank but it is real human moments that money can't buy and we can feel them freely when we want.

Leaving something behind that you love is never easy but just like you said you can continue to travel anyways just from now on without work. And I'm pretty sure that your son will miss you a lot as your texts show what a great person must be!

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