Three Buddha near Gwan Chock Sa and The Reason

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The interest thing is The Great tone Maitreya statue could be found mainly in the area of ChungCheong Do where was the central area of BaekJae Dynasty.

There are 3 big stone statue of Buddha near Gwan Chock Sa temple including Maitreya statue of Gwan Chock Sa.

Below are Buddhas I took the photos

(Vairocana Buddha)


This statue was located in a private house.

(Maitreya of Dae Jo Sa)



The face of the statue was covered due to the ceremony of drawing the pupil of the eye

(Maitreya of Gwan Chock Sa)


Making these big stone statues was possible only with direct support from Government at that times. Then why Koryeo kingdom had concentrated in building such Big Stone Statues in this area.

In my guess, it’s because that the Koryeo Kingdom had tried to get people’s support in this area.

There was serious chaos and struggling during creating Koryeo Dynasty. During this process, the strong political power had been formed in this area. That power had competed for several years for domination of political power in Korean Peninsular.
This power named itself of ‘Late BaekJae Kingdom’.

The political power known of Koryeo kingdom which was in the basis of GaeSung defeated ‘Late BaekJae’.
Finally Koryeo Kingdom unified Korean Peninsular.

So the most important and urgent work in Koryeo Kingdom was turning people’s mind to them. In my opinion that was the reason the big stone statue was built mainly in this area with strong support from government.

Especially at that time, the worship for Maitreya was very strong and powerful among people. I could not find any other explanations or interpretations relating to the reason of building Maitreya statues having been concerntrated in this area.

It was said that 3 statues in this area had close relations. Of course one among 3 statue was the stone statue of Maitreya of Gwan Chock Sa.
So I have visited 2 other famous stone statues in this area near The Maitreya of Gwan Chock Sa.

One was the stone Vairosana Buddha near the stone statue of Maitreya of in Gwan Cock Sa.
Varosana Budda means the origin of everything like God.
The stone statue of Vairosana Buddha was located not far from Gwan Chock Sa.
The Stone Statue of Vairosana was believed as a Mother of Maitreya statue in Gwan Chock Sa.

The other was the stone Maitreya statue of Da Jo Sa in Boo Yeo. The statue of Dae Jo Sa was said as a Brother of the statue of Gwan Chock Sa.
The statue of Dae Jo Sa was located in 30 minutes distance by car from Gwan Chock Sa.

Non San and Boo Yeo was very important area. Non San was the center of agriculture of rice. At that time, rice was the core of National Economy. And Boo Yeo was the capital of Baek Jae Dynasty. Naturally BooYeo was the center of Politics in this area.

Thank you so much for reading.


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What a great spot thanks for sharing

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an interesting post today, @slowwalker, continuing the theme of Buddha statuary.

It's interesting that Buddha forbade making images of him but the peoples' need to be like other cultures prevailed. At first, statues were carved out of images of Greek gods which gave them a more westernized appearance, but gradually the distinctive Chinese and Korean depictions emerged.

I think the Buddha images were made for the purposes of the rulers as you suggest.

Good photos today, my friend

thank you for comment

In my guess, people made Buddha statue for an explanation of Buddhist world in the basis of ontology.

later I' d like to post on that

Oh, that would be really interesting, @slowwalker

I like your post. The Buddha looked great.

These stone statues of Buddha are beautiful ..Korea has amazing culture indeed

@slowwalker I like your post. The Buddha looked awesome.

I really love the old statues, makes me wonder what the looked like new, if they were less worn out etc

very good post my friend...

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Thank you this was very helpful! 😀

Asian culture is so fascinating!
There is a lot of historical value, I hope one day I will be able to visit these places 😁

Welcome to Korea, at anytime

Nice post, thank you very much 😘 @slowwalker

good luck to you

As usual so many great info concerning the history of your country in your post man! Wow! You seem to know a lot about these times!
That's great!

thank you so much

Let me take a selfie with that statue! <3

Nice post @slowwalker.. Please follback :)

Thank you so much for sharing
i like it

Great work bro i like your Budha post

Thank you for sharing history. You explained very well. So we are very easy to read and understand. Thank you @slowwalker

Thank you so much

I have always been fascinated by Buddha and the spiritual philosophy behind it :) great post bro @slowwalker you are walking slowly but consistent hehe keep up the good work ma man :)!

I make design for you sir @slowwalker
By the way, thank for your support sir 😊

Nice post

Wow awsome photo and good history..!💙

I liked how you are not just illustrating your pictures here but also tried to narrate the history and story behind these pictures. will follow you for more 👍

oh there is a reason behind this, nice.

oh that's really incredible thanks for sharing about this place

Great job! Thank you @slowwalker for your story. You have shown exciting places and gave me the pleasure of your photos! Have a good weekend!

This is a great post @slowwalker 😊.

There is so much common in Indian other East Asian cultures - as an Indian, I am proud that we the birthplace of the Siddhartha and where the Dalai Lama resides.

Thanks for the post that was really interesting.
you have my upvote
Keep smiling, reading, writing and voting!!!

Politics and religion have always exercised their power with these symbols. Especially in the regions on the periphery. ...

right. that is our life

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Amazing pictures. Resteeming this diamond of a post,

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지금 우리에겐 보편적인 문화들 역시 잘 발전시키고 가꾸어 후손들에게 보여주게 되면 많은 영감을 주는 문화재가 되겠지요?

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Quite interesting thing is that one buddha you uploaded is located in the private house... so it is not easy to enter that place, right? Sometimes I'm surprised that how those buddhas have still remained after Korean war.

Omhhh!!! thanks for the post!

the pictures in your post are amazing friends @slowwalker,
Thankyou for sharing!

Wow, those are incredible. I am intrigued at the ceremony of drawing the pupil of the eye? What is behind that do you know?

I would love to have a small buddha in my back yard. Are there any rules to look out for when it comes to placement?

Bravo))) As always talented and interesting))) Read in one breath)))) Many thanks)) I hope you had a good weekend))))

thank you so much

@OriginalWorks , really awesome photography, these statues looks likes carve in stone, i will also resteemed the post to my followers so they also know about your work.

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