Relativity of Time

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Time seems to be the most basic unit in the physics.

Why time is most important in physics formulas? Perhaps it is because time has an equal impact on our lives than any other existence in the world.

Of course, we know time is relative after Einstein's principle of relativity.

But at least time is absolute in our lives. Time is the same for all humans. As time passes, people are getting old and die.
While passing a country I saw a very large tree a while ago. It was a zelkova over 600 years old.

It was two times bigger than adult.

The villagers say that they have had ceremonies for this tree every year. For the villagers, this tree is not just a tree but a guardian deity. The tree was a divine being for them.

On the other side, I reminded one tree that I had seen 2 months ago.
It was a kinds of chinese quince. I don’t estimate know how old the tree is. Outside of the tree looks fine.

But inside was empty.

I never ‘ve seen this kinds of the tree before.

It is difficult to live 100 years for Humans. But trees could live more than several hundreds of years. What is living?
Is the time of the tree as same as the time of the human being?
The time of the tree and the time of the human being seemed to be different.
And time for humans would be different each by each.
The meaning of time will vary according to your way of living.

Eventually, time is relative to all beings.

What kinds of time am I living now?


Historical Tree. Nice shoot.

The brain has an incredible role in building a mental perception of the time so yes, the time is different each by each. Time is even different for a single person, depending on the life stage that he's in. Time was so different for me when I was only 12 years old. It was passing so slowly and I only wanted to pass faster and become an adult so I can do a lot of things that I was not able to do then. I am 25 now, so only 13 years since time was like this for me and now I feel like my time is slipping out of my life and I am getting older to fast.
This subject could be discussed for ours and still not getting a steady conclusion as there are a lot of things to be taken in consideration so I only want to say: Great article and great subject! Time is part of anyone's life .

Thank you for your insightful comment

For some people time is money 😂
@slowwalker, Your writing reminds us to make the most of our time as well as possible, let alone spend time with the family more important.
But the way to introduce this photo of my son named Qaid with his great-grandmother who is now 99 years old, inshaAllah next year even 100 years. Hopefully, Amiiiin ...

Really awesome.
I wish your grandma' health

Ameen..... Thankyou @slowwalker 🙆🙏

"What kinds of time am I living now?"

An interesting question!

In my opinion, and I'm so sure of that, the time that humans live is the kind of time that starts from weak to strong, and then from strong to weak again.

Quran says: "And he whom We grant long life, We reverse him in creation (weakness after strength)..." (Ya-Sin: 68)

Instead, thanks to you. You remind me of Socrates ... you ask something you understand, and understanding a question is half an answer as Socrates said.

It is very nice to have a good care of a big old tree. In my region there are many secular trees such as a millennial olive I saw. Incredible its greatness .... maybe it's the oldest in the world!

I want to see that old trees.

I have always imagined time as space we are constantly falling through.

that's right

Very interesting, thanks

good pics!

Time basically doesn't exist... it's invented by humans, I think aliens don't use it

Interesting. True though..

I don't know whether aliens use or not but I agree it is invented by humans. Einstein relativity theory explains more about but I am not able to understand. In Hindu Purana's says 1 year of time here count as 1 second for gods. when you are in deep sleep there is no thought of time.

That's what i 'd like to say

Humans did not really create the time. We only found a way to measure the distance between two sun rises. That does not mean we created the distance between today's and tomorrow's sun rise.
This is only a humble opinion of a non-specialist so I might be wrong.

thank you
I think your are right

Great shots man as usually. Glad to be a follower of your work :)

Thank you so much

Wow! Trees live very long as compared to humans. I am excited to see the photos it is a huge tree. Thanks for sharing.

Time is really a complex thing. Some take it as a boon, others take it as a curse. Time itself has no relevance, it's the circumstances which gives the time power.
For example- No one every cared for time when they were happy, but they always cared for it when they were sad.

Anyways it's good to know about this tree. It reall looks very old and has seen many generations growing and falling. A big thumbs up for you @slowwalker.

time is a concept
we assume time is moving but there is no evidence of that
clock are moving because of a mechanism (set of functions)
imagine it like this if someone can stop (time) everybody will freeze right
but the one who have the super power can move
If you look at this from another prospective where you don't have the concept of time it's basically a guy who can function but all other people and objected function had frozen , powers had been set to zero AKA gravity is 1 not 10

we could see that scene you mentoined in cinema

and this is the oldest tree in Poland, yew (taxus baccata) 1300 years old

I think All of our Life is like below:

Birth and Death are not in our control, but how about living?
The Way of living is all part of our life.
Life is next to the time, Control Your time to Control Your Life.

And time for humans would be different each by each.
The meaning of time will vary according to your way of living.

What a insightful word!
Thank you for your comment

Time is that train which i keep missing everyday brilliant post for me learnt a lot..

I liked your concept of time. For me time is life. If you waste time, you waste money.

You are right

Amazing.. I'm also love to photography. I was followed you :)

That is one big old tree,it has seen so many thing's come and go!

I love this pic human and nature always together

Awesome... I just wrote a short story about time and life.... go slow. Upvoted

let's go slowly

Oh wow! What an amazing tree!! :]

What really blows my mind are the trees that don't just live for centuries, but millenia.

I've never seen a tree as big as that tree! Resteemed :)

Amazing thought ......keep sharing..

Hi I upvoted your post. I bet you must be interested in Some photography & beautiful scenery.

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I hope to see your works in steemit

thanks.Sure i won't dissapoint you..

Vitality of nature is tremendous. And we gotta know that the time given to us is limited. And we always gotta act sensibly.

Thank you for your insightfull comment

WOW! What a beautiful thought you have. I am undoubtedly agree with you. Time has a great importance within. I thoroughly enjoyed @slowwalker

Nice shots buddy! Beautiful tree indeed <3

trees live like us only longer, and have slower lives and thoughts. That tree was alive during the Middle Ages. It is a survivor.

It's a living relic, @slowwalker, and a reminder to us to keep some vestige of spring and hope in our hearts.

“Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.”
— Chinese proverb

Really awesome proverb
Thank you

You're very welcome, @slowwalker

님은 아마 인생의 황금기를 보내고 계시지 않을까 생각합니다.

Great shots. There is a tree in my village that has lived more than 150 years.
Some oak trees live really long.

@slowwalker this is a very good article. Time should be used wisely because time is life and time is money.

This is me in a park in Catania, Italy. I don't know how old is this tree, but is huge!

Time is truly precious because it's the intangible commodity that validates our mortality.

Once people learn how to control it, in that they learn how to live in the moment, that is when they will truly experience the beauty of this world!

Great post slow walker! I always get a sense of wisdom from objects that have survived for centuries. I would love to mediate by that tree!

thank you so much

Very interesting article! Keep up the good work, friend! I will definitely follow you, you can also check my profile and if you like my articles feel free to follow me too! :)

I love it, reminds me of life sized bonsai

What really transpires when we aren't focused?

By viewing time in such a human-centric way, we could be missing the long feedback loops that are abundant all around us.

Tides come and go, coastlines erode and are rebuilt again. In some conditions, rocks even move with the wind over slicked surfaces on desert plains.

Our lives are so frantic and spun-up like a kinetic flywheel we hardly ever pause to reflect and consider other spans outside our own.

What is it like to have the patience of 1,000 years? 5,000? 10,000?

As mortal beings we'll probably never know. Perhaps only the singing sands in the desert know the truth, or the rocky coastlines constantly being pummeled by the salty sea.

We only perceive what is given to us by our senses, and even that is a reconstruction in our minds delayed by neural propagation. We live constantly in the past, pretending its the present.

How odd and isolated we are.

Time is one thing we cannot change. If only nature, if only the trees could talk. What would they say? Good post. Enjoyed. Tess

A valuable message and a stunning @slowwalker tree. Hopefully we can take advantage of this life and spread goodness for our fellow human beings.

Abi @steemwart kali Nyoe Hana divote, usaha Lom Haha 😜

Enteuk malam keunong vitamin jih.

I've never seen this tree before!
According to wiki information, Zelkova is a deciduous tree up to 30 m in height and with a trunk up to 2 m in diameter with a dense crown and scaly bark. The age of individual copies of zelkova is determined in 800-850 years.
Eight hundred years! Oh my...

Upvoted. Awesome content and nice article!

Time is relative to us all. Yet all things have different lifespans. Thanks for always giving us wonderful photography @slowwalker.

The time of steemit, but in all seriousness, this is a great post Really makes me think and scratch my head. Love the pictures of older trees and learning about other cultures!

The sad disparity between humans and time is that time is eternal.
We can try to have a prolonged life on this Earth but time and nature will always rule victorious as it slowly but surely erodes all of our work and turns it into a finely comminuted dust.
Amazing to see such a beautiful tree stand strong for so many years.
Great Shots @slowwalker

Time is really the great equalizer but I never thought of it that way until reading your article. I love the pictures of these very old trees and I did not realize that trees could live that long. Thank you for sharing.

Due to human needs , trees are being cut everywhere, not realizing the benefit of it. I am glad the villagers value this tree and keeping it safe.

this is beautiful. i saw a tree in Abeokuta in Ogun State, Nigeria and the instructor taking us on the escortion said that the tree was over 300 years old and i was 'wooooooooW... how posible? this is really a great post. i think it is time to start a research on why trees live longer than thanks for sharing @slowwalker

There is a great photography with a great post as well. Yeah we can't live several hundreds years but trees can. It's some kind of mystery but yeah again science.
In my country there is a tree, we called as "Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi"

It's one of the highest regional place of Buddhists. Sometimes one day you will visit here and write an article about that too.

Thanks for this great post! Looking for a new one too!


I read wiki.
Amazing trees
I follow you
Srilanka is my bucket list to visit
Thank you for your sharing

Thanks friend and if you wish to visit here just let me know! Sometimes I could help you to find beautiful and great places to visit!

Great post @slowwalker! Thank you for sharing! I enjoy your works! Travel with me to my creative Lviv! I think that you may have not seen everyone my works.

I am sorry
I didn't visit you for a while.
Then purple lips are something wierd to me, lol.

Good post. If I may add, depending upon your views of Christianity or following the ways of the teaches us they we are "divine beings having a human experience" which as spirits, we can be timeless in the other realm. I have thought of nature and objects before, do they have a soul etc. What kind of time is now...? Some day we will know.... :-)

I believe in that everything on the earth has something to feel and understand what to happen around them.
Thank you

Awesome. I'm also love photography. I followed you :)

I agree with your opinion @slowwalker, time was relative. When I was in school, my teacher always reminded me that do not waste time with unnecessary things. Because time goes on and will not be repeated.

So!! Lets we spend our time by doing the important things, because the way of time is very according to ourselves

Respect for you bro @slowwalker
Keep steem on

Thank you for your comment

Interesting post and photos, thanks for sharing #keepsteemin :)

Es maravillosa la naturaleza y en particular los arboles a mi me enamoran todo lo que nos ofrecen es belleza desde cualquier punto de vista, la paz que se experimenta al solo sentarse bajo alguno de estos arboles es dificil expresarla con palabras.

It is very impressive, 600 years, simply unimaginable!!

time is valuable no doubt...never seen this type of tree thanks for the pics.

Yes exactly trees also live longer like humans. Beautiful photography and your thoughts. I loved it with all my heart. Great doing @slowwalker

It looks like they are 2 trees even so they are oulds and pretty

It looked like that 2 became 1

Those pictures resemble the concept of time and patience so accurately! Great job @SlowWalker.

History in this wonderful tree . This tree with some special power. Thanks for share @slowwalker

Thank you 👍

Excellent article! Incredible as what looks like a simple tree can lead us to meditate on life. And also, this article make us think of things we do not usually have in mind.

fantastic , thanks for your sharing ! it's the first time i saw the big tree , amazhing !

Waao that's a huge tree,very nice thanks for share @slowwalker

Welcome my friend and keep steeming :)

Beautiful piece

This tree is very long @slowwalker his life. in my place too many trees that grow in long periods of time. If I may know where is the area you take this pictures ?, I am very impressed with your sentence above, that the time flies and we are getting older, so basically keep your time as good as possible. Thank you @slowwalker over his posts very useful. ;)

Beautiful culture @slowwalker
I hope u visit my post. Thx

You know what they say time flies when you're having fun and this past month has flown! I am a huge tree hugger and oh I love those trees, to touch a tree that is six hundred years old to me would be magnificent. Thank you for sharing these beautiful Ttrees that have such history especially the first one with the tradition of the village that's priceless! Enjoy your beginning of the week and may your time always be happy😀😊 Say hello to your beautiful mom🌷

Wow. What a beautiful old tree. Resteemed :-)

Time ... Outside time and space, the motion of matter is impossible. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that, for example, other people touched this tree, who lived 600 years ago. Could they believe that 600 years will pass and you will write about this tree. Thanks for the story.

Really amazing story and the tree is really amazing😊
Thx for sharing

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