Culture is the identity of society

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Civilization is the reflection of art, thought, science and technology products integrated with the culture of a society to practical life. It is the accumulation of the human mind and the emotions of the labor that emerged with the support of science and technology as a result of the developments that lasted for thousands of years. Civilization both facilitates and improves the life of human beings on this earth.

When the economy, industrial power, agricultural sector, working life, lifestyle and level of a country are examined, the level of civilization is revealed along with the understanding of art and culture of that country. Countries that want to progress and develop must first of all be civilized. In the name of civilization, they have to take culture and art as the crown jewel. Because the industrial level, agricultural power and economy that do not pass through these two high-level filters and control and do not receive their support can never reach the level of civilized countries. As Gandhi said, “The end of cultural deprivation is always the same; miserable civilization and imminent collapse," like the truth in his saying...


One cannot live without culture.
While civilization brings scientific competence to human life thanks to culture, it also beautifies it with the contribution of art. No matter how much technology and equipment develop, it is not possible without the delicacy, beauty and guidance of culture and art. Also, the great scholar, who emphasized the importance of language, pointed out that "The importance of language is embracing humanity, with its attitude against colonialism and separatism, and besides, without compromising tolerance, unconditional love," he left a great literary masterpiece for the future, literally at full speed. However, those who see such people as role models walk the path of life and develop further.

Migration of humanity from east to west, war and slaughter gave birth to world civilizations. Starting from the depths of history, the age of European enlightenment, from Mesopotamia, the first emergence of humanity, to the enlightenment of China, India, Greek, Egypt, Roman civilizations, America and Japan.
The fact that he did not fall behind is indisputable. Every society living under the sky dome has succeeded in creating its own culture, together with being influenced by the distribution from the east.

Culture is the identity of society. It is a lifestyle, language, accumulation of thoughts and feelings. Beliefs, norms, customs and traditions are ways of thinking. In addition to these spiritual elements, the structure, architecture, tools and equipment, techniques, art structures, parks, places of worship and museums of cities also constitute material cultural assets.

In culture, the life style adopted by the majority is formed by the accumulation of mind, scientific studies and the life process of the society. The members of the society are also living elements that carry the culture. The definition of culture by Edward Burnett Tylor, one of the founders of anthropology; “Culture is a complex whole consisting of knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, and all other abilities and habits acquired by man as a result of living in society.”


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