A walking trail to drink mineral water

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The weather was hot and thick, so I decided to climb the mountain and drink mineral water.
I thought it would be easy to see signs pannel Because the distance was about 1 km.


the mountain road is filled with natural sound.
listening to the sound of water and birds, I feel comfortable walking.

small bridges blend well with nature.


After passing through the cool valley and cliffs,
arrive at a drinking fountain.
(rocks and cliffs are very dangerous, right?)
Lol lol kkk :)


the water from the video is famous for its famous water, but the taste of water is not delicious.

In Korea, people manage medicinal waters, so many people visit them.

apparently, drinking water makes me feel better.

thanks for reading!


Really Beautiful pictures! @pald

Thanks friend!

Thanks! I took a picture with my cell phone, so I am glad that the picture is pretty good.

What a beautiful forest a beautiful park, sound like you had a great time !

Thanks @cecirod1218 ^^
I really had a good time!!

전 등산 자주 하는데 ~
이렇게 한국의 산을 소개하는 글을 보니 반갑네요^^
무식해서 해석은 불가능 하지만 사진만 봐도 산 소개글인것 같아요~
음~산은 언제가도 넘 좋아요^^

그렇죠 더운날씨였는데, 산 들어가니까 바로 시원하더라고요!

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