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Today I want to write something about Sri Lankan fishery industry. Some words keep similarly Sinhala.
Fisheries in ancient Sri Lanka
In ancient Sri Lanka, coastal fisheries were not frequent. The reason is that there is no way to keep the fish in the sea. People living on the coast caught fish and consumed it daily. Old fisheries were mainly restricted to freshwater fishing in rivers, streams, tanks and ponds.

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Current fishing industry in Sri Lanka
This industry is carried out within the continental shells of Sri Lanka's coral reefs and offshore. The fisheries of the continent catch a variety of rock fish and reef-based shellfish such as crab, shrimp, crayfish, as well as fish such as herring, saalaya, kumbalawa, karala, pigeon, and parasite. The fish industry, which contributes to a large part of the marine fisheries industry, is almost consumed by the public. Billiards, nets, and handguns are used for fishing in these areas. A special feature of this industry is fishing in the shallow sea and sitting on a rhythm. The "Ritipannanaya" method is used in some parts of the South. (Ex Ahangama and Koggala)

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Deep-sea fishing is used by fishing nets, yachts, and caramel nets for offshore fishing. The multi-purpose yacht is called a fishing vessel, which belongs to the thunidae and large fish such as thora, shark, copra and thalam. Those fishing days are followed by weeks of sea fishing. Part of this big fish goes to the general consumer, a large portion to big hotels and restaurants, and another small portion to export meat products. Recently, a small shark named Katumoru has been caught and used to extract oil from their liver. This unrefined shark oil is manufactured for export.

frech water fishing edition
Fresh water fishing is done on lakes, rivers and streams on land. Local fishes such as Lula, Cavia, Magura, River Thelia, Pethiya, Maranda, Prawns, Godaya and Coralia. Tilapia, teppilli and gurami fishing introduced into the country's reservoirs for over two decades has become an important part of the inland fishing industry.

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Non-traditional fisheries
In addition to the above three main sectors, pearl oysters, hawks, sea cucumbers and sea leeches are also caught in the Mannar and Jaffna districts. These seafood products are for export purposes. China is its main buyer.

Fishing vessels used in Sri Lanka
Light single boats, sailboat sailboats, non-mechanical fiberglass boats, day boats, temps, catamaran, mechanical large fishing boats, multi day trawlers and outboard motor boats.
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