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Since ancient times, colours have been associated to mood, therefore to emotions. Experts in the field of Psychology of Colour assure that when we are anchored in an episode of stress or sadness, the fact of putting on clothes of a certain colour or to change the colour of the walls of home, helps to leave the adverse emotional state in which we are.
Each color has a meaning in our subconscious, we associate a whole series of virtues and values that tend to come along with the culture in which we live in. For example, while in Spain yellow is considered a colour of superstition in some areas, in Peru it is the colour which they receive the arrival of the new year with to be more prosperous.

Therefore, each colour has a capacity for expression, gives meaning to the person who is perceiving it and causes an emotion, a positive or adverse reaction depending on the case.
I am going to speak here of the feelings and emotions that the colours provoke from the point of view of the western culture that is the one which I belong to. You will see that almost all of them can exert a double emotion, that is, they can carry both positive and negative feelings.

It is associated with extroverted and impulsive people who do not give much importance to reflexion.
It indicates passion, sexuality, impetus, fire and blood. It exercises a strong influence on mood in a positive way as it might give you the strength to face your fears and show security in yourself, or in a negative way since it can lead to aggressive attitudes.
Disciplines like chromotherapy ensure that it increases the pulse and heart rate so it can be tiring at the end of the day.


It is associated with eloquence and joy. It increases optimism, self-confidence and confidence, giving rise to emotional balance. Therefore it is an ideal colour when we have problems of self-esteem. It reduces fatigue and stimulates the respiratory system.


It is associated with wisdom, intelligence, mental quickness and creativity in terms of its positive side. In contrast, regarding its negative side, it symbolizes anger, envy, jealousy and betrayal.


It is a colour that is used as a sedative. It symbolizes hope, stability, fecundity, what is to come. It represents the balance, it helps to feel more calm and serene. It is usually used in cases of insomnia, fatigue, migraines, nervous excitability, as it lowers blood pressure and lowers the heart rate. But it also has a more negative side and it can mean madness.


It belongs to the range of cold colours but it is a color that conveys serenity, confidence, calm and tranquility, but an overexposure to it can lead to states of sadness, melancholy, depression and fatigue. It is usually advisable to combine it with warm colours to find the emotional balance.


It is associated with intuition and spirituality. People who wear this colour tend to be empathetic and affectionate people, with artistic and creative tendencies. It is a color that decreases anguish, phobias and fear.


It represents joy, purity and peace. It is associated with innocence and pure love. It denotes trust but at the same time immaturity depending on the context in which we move.


It is the colour to which are associated more negative characteristics such as pain, despair, sadness, melancholy, unhappiness, irritability, the occult; but at the same time it is the colour of elegance, security and sobriety.


You tend to consider it as a neutral colour so it tends to balance and order. It expresses elegance and respect, but at the same time can denote boredom and old eld.

So that´s one of the reasons we like girls in red so much! ;D

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