The strangest sexual rituals about the world

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 It is a question of knowing a little more the culture of other countries, but without losing of sight its targets, which are of preserving its traditions and of maintaining their own social order. 

 Circumcised penises have been the subject of study of diverse cultures, but also of theories and ideas in which the protagonist is attacked, glorified and questioned. In 1900, the circumcised penis was the favorite of parents and church in the United States, as it was used to stop masturbation. It was thought to be a provocation induced by a demonic force in which the affected ended up going crazy.  The doctors then suggested that families help their children with a small penis operation. 

 Many boys of between 13 and 20 years were submitted to the above mentioned practice with the criticism on its shoulders for exploring its body. In this moment, nobody saw it like that, but in the course of time they noticed that was only a way of understanding how its sexuality was working. On having grown, these men realized that in fact there was no major deference between a circumcised penis and one that it was not, since the women were saying to feel the same or something very similar with both types of member. 

 Nevertheless, it was a ritual that kept on being realized to "protect" the boys of the infernal attack of a demon and its nastiness. The same happens with other countries in which the sexuality involves a ritual that, of not following it, might be a cause of the death or exile of the members of the society, they are judged and criticizes equally, although they consider aggressively or up to inhuman the dealing that is offered to its intimacy: 

 Practicing oral sex 

 In the Sambia tribe in New Guinea, the men who already have sufficient age to practise sexual intercourse are isolated from the group. Isolated with the most powerful and strong warriors of the tribe, they must practise oral sex on them and swallow the semen until they decide that they are ready to go to bed with women and to begin to form a family. If the warriors refuse, then the boys will have to remain in recruiting for much time. 

 Premature sex 

 With only 6 years of age, the children of the islands Trobriand in Papua New Guinea are forced to have sex in order to be trained and that, on having come at an adult age, could embarrass easily its wives and leave a long descent. 


 Although in the Antigua Greece was not considered to be a negative practice or badly dress, at present we might think that if a major man has sex with a child, it is an abuse. Nevertheless, in those years it was of the most normal thing that a homosexual man had sex with a boy, on the other hand, if the man had relations with another man they were judged and badly seen by the rest, especially the one that was acting as "a debit", since he was considered to be a dweeb.

 Accidental sex 

 In Guajira, Colombia, a dance is performed in which the males dance a traditional melody. If on your way you stumble upon a woman, you must copulate with her. If you become pregnant, you may be married to her. If nothing happens, he should try to clean up his honor by impregnating the woman he chooses for his marriage. 

 The sex is harmful 

 In Inis Beag, Ireland, the men must have putting the underwear during the coitus or otherwise one believes that they might fall ill and die. Also it is a sign of decency and of respect for them. To have sex is shameful and that's why it must be done only to procreate, according to its beliefs. 

 Sex to Practice 

 In Mangaia there is a ritual in which the 13 year old children are recruited to go to bed with major women and to practise its movements, the duration and way of giving pleasure. These women work of it and teach the best skills to each of them so that they turn into big lovers, since the satisfaction of the women is essential. 


 In the Himalayas there is carried out a very specific system in which a pair of brothers shares the same sexual partner to avoid the overpopulation, and with it, they make sure that there should be more food and more resources to survive. In fact, they have proposed to have less relations to have less children or none and to avoid deaths or that between they fight for the resources. 

 Give fish 

 In the Mehinaku village in Brazil it is a custom to offer to the women some fish pieces to conquer them and to have sex with them. If a woman does not receive fish on behalf of any man she is considered to be an unhappy and every time they are less those who are interested by her. 

 It does not import if it is a circumcised penis or if they are 6 year old children practising the sex, this topic keeps on being a taboo. Perhaps look like to us strange rituals, but for them they are normal and they live through them as it has taught them to itself from children. It is a question of knowing a little more the culture of other countries, but without losing of sight its targets, which are of preserving its traditions and of maintaining their own social order, since there are exactly what them to fact to survive. 

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Good read.👍


Thanks :D

Very intresting article!!! I new some of the facts, but not all of them. Sexuality it is seem as an extreme - either a taboo subject, either a very trivial one. But this energy is everywhere - the birds are singing because they are calling their mates.

Some of the behaviors you just described might seem "sick", but they are just cultural different. I read also a lot about the female genital mutilation that it is still happening VERY often in African countries...


That is, many for discomfort prefer not to touch the subject, but is something totally normal, so be different in other cultures is something that arrives sooner or later, the article was made to emphasize other methods not usual in sex, but it is as you say, is cultural and is a Derec Ho that we all have, good that you liked the post, Greetings :D

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