Traditions of the Czech Republic: Happy Maundy / Green Thursday!

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Hi everyone,

Today is the Maundy Thursday, the last Thursday before Easter, so I decided to provide you with a little insight into how we celebrate this day in my homeland, the Czech Republic.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

First of all, we actually called this day Green Thursday (Zeleny Ctvrtek in the Czech language). The origin of the name dates back to medieval times when priests were wearing green vestments to the mass.

It might have also been inspired by the fact that on that day, people were supposed to eat only vegetables (mainly spinach, pea and other green vegetables).

There used to be many traditions observed on the Green Thursday in the past – housewives would clean the house before the sunrise, people wouldn’t borrow anything on that day as it was believed it would bring prosperity to them. It was also believed that washing yourself with fresh morning dew on the Green Thursday would bring you good health etc.

These days, however, few of these old traditions are observed in the Czech Republic. The most popular modern tradition is related – unsurprisingly – to beer. Most Czech breweries produce special batches of green beer on that day. Drinking several bright green beers might seem weird to some but it is definitely much easier to practice than cleaning your entire house before the sunrise :)

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

Na Zdraví! (Cheers!)

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This is something completely new to me.I had no idea about Green Thursday,it sounds nice.I always like old tradition and i am curious about those green beer.How was it's taste?Thank's for the post.@upvoted

I have not had one in a while but as long as I remember it is almost the same as regular one!

Drinking green beer certainly is more easier than cleaning the entire house before the sunrise haha it’s the easiest thing . The culture is soo rich and fascinating, it sounds like how we prepare for the festivals here. Maundy Thursday seems like a family time and sounds nostalgic. Wanna be part of this day but sadly the old traditions are fading away evenin czech republic, they are our heritage and we should conserve and practice them.washing yourself with fresh dew sounds chilling and refreshing at the same time, sounds thrilling. Thanks for sharing this amazing piece of culture with us.

That sure is my thing, better have a beer then to clean the house, lol:)

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Maundy Thursday or Green Thursday!! both thursday makes yours tradation & cultyre too good. its amazing history for this amazing Green Thursday. Thank you so much for this tradational information. first time i know this information.

Ha! In the US, green beer comes out on St Patrick's Day, when "everybody is Irish", and in Chicago they dye the river that runs through the city green! I'm glad they don't do that to the Vltava!
Enjoy the green beer!

Yeah, I remember... St Patrick´s Day gets celebrated in a big style in the US as well as the UK, green beer flows in waterfalls....

Wow, I never imagined there was real beer, what do they make it from? Here in my country Venezuela, the tradition of Holy Thursday is more than going to church. What I like about steemit is that one can interact with people from all over the world and learn a bit of culture while making new friends. Thanks for the information, and by the way I loved the main photo, I love animals, in fact when I was a girl I had pet rabbits, I love them.

The tradition must be on guard. it is a history that can not be forgotten or abolished

This is a nice tradition I'd love to witness someday 😀

Upvote post me please

thank you for a kind information....thank you so much...keep it up carry on your activity best of luck try something new...

great information .thanks for sharing valuable post

Wow, very interesting Thomas, sounds like it may be the Czech St Patty's Day! Never knew green was the thing before the easter bunny comes hopping through. Quite a healthy holiday, only green vegetables. People around the world should start celebrating this one!

So I've slowed my role. Just in the past two weeks or so I've gone from Cusco Peru to Patagonia Chile with many stops between. I have had only time to cut and past my pre made posts. Very steemit self centered lol! Shame on me.

Now I'm in Santiago in a comfy shared apartment for then next 15 days, with very good internet! I have time now to see my friends post like this one here. Thanks for sharing brother!

Still this summer I should be making my way to a city near you! Totally looking forward to checking out Prague and much more. Hope you have been well! -Dan

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