彩虹与南山邨,香港IG打卡点 – Choi Hung and Nam Shan Estates, Hong Kong Special Snapshots of Resident Places

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Being (studying) in Hong Kong over a year, I have been several places normal or special to travel. This time I am willing to introduce some lovely and special local places, non-attractions but which are suitable for fashionable photo taking. To be a hit in your circle, you just wear in a charming style and go to these places with a phone or a camera.   


I spent some time to finish my journey to the following three legendary places in Instagram, Choi Hung Estate, Nam Shan Chuen, PMQ. Choi Hung Estate and Nam Shan Chuen were the main schedules in the same day on 30 June.  

#1 彩虹邨 Choi Hung Estate 

彩虹邨,听名字,顾名思义,是一个带有“彩虹”景色的屋邨,实际上是一幢幢楼宇外墙上满了七彩的颜色,远远看去七彩纷呈。 这个有“彩虹”的地方也格外好找,就位于九龙黄大仙区,只要坐地铁到彩虹站再按照指示牌走几步路就到了。 

Choi Hung Estate (Choi Hung in Chinese means rainbow), estates with “rainbow” scenery, is actually housing estates with colorful paintings on the outer walls, which seems like rainbows. This “rainbow” paradise lies in the Wong Tai Sin District of Kowloon. Visitors can take the MTR to Choi Hung Station and then walk for several minutes following the guide.  

【彩虹站 Choi Hung Station】

【地铁站有趣的雕像 Statue at the Station】


You can easily find the guideposts to Choi Hung Estate when getting out of the station.     

【彩虹邨标牌 Guideposts of Choi Hung Estate】

【彩虹邨地图 Map of Choi Hung Estate】

【丹凤楼 Tan Fung House】


 You can see that there is a playground at the roof near the station. We went upstairs and took photos at the roof.   


Here is the main photo taking spot, which is surrounded by colorful houses. There are some people taking photos and local residents playing basketball even in workdays. The scene is full of daily life sense with chairs, tiny plants, etc.

【楼上篮球场 Playground at Roof】

【休息椅和植物亭 Chairs and Plants】


It was scorching hot that day with shining and burning sun. Photo-takers can try taking photos with poses like back or side shots, or wearing a sunglasses.         

【各种拍照姿势 Different Poses for Photo Taking】

【各种打卡方式 Various Methods for Photo Taking 】

【篮球场的楼梯也是个不错取景处 The Stairs Was A Good Spot For Photo Taking】


We two girls took photos for the whole THREE hours in that afternoon! And we unluckily missed the open time (till 5 pm) of Wong Tai Sin Temple, which was our next stop in our schedule. o(╥﹏╥)o  

 #2 南山邨 Nam Shan Estate 


 Giving up Wong Tai Sin, we went to Shek Kip Mei Station directly and found Nam Shan Estate, and it took several minutes’ walk after getting off the station at Exit B.  

【石硖尾站 Shek Kip Mei Station】

【南山邨指示牌 Guidepost at the Station】


Nam Shan Estate is painted with green colors, similar with Choi Hung Estate but more vivid and comfortable.

【路上大树 Big Tree Beside the Estates】


It had been at dusk when arriving, and the moon could be seen over the estate. It is quite romantic when the round moon appeared over Nam Shan Estate.     

【屋宇上的月亮 Moon Over the Estates】


Houses make a square surrounding a shorter square market in the middle. The open space on the roof of the middle market was our main photo taking the spot, where we can see green houses. The open space was decorated with several colorful iron semi-circles,  which were very lovely.  

【上去中间屋顶空地的楼梯 Stairs Up To Roof】

【半圆与南山邨 Semi-circles and Green Houses】

【开始愉快地摆拍和搞笑 Have fun taking photos】

太阳下山后我们直接随便在那边找了家餐厅吃完饭,是十分港式的茶餐厅,食物很local style,老板也是很热情。餐馆后来忘记拍了,实在太饿而且味道是浓浓家乡味十分入口,一下子就什么都忘了。 

When the night came, we had our dinner at a Hong Kong-style restaurant. The restaurateur was quite hospitable and the food was cheap and delicious. Sorry for forgetting to take a snap for the restaurant, I think that is because we were too hungry.   


It was a pity that we could not finish our final tour to PMQ in Hong Kong island when we went back to HK island, as it was too late. But still, luckily I had the chance to PMQ and its neighborhood in the next month, and I will introduce it in my next steemit story.   


P.S. All photos were taken by phones with only several edited ones. Some were posted at my Instagram (chen_yingshu). IG filters are quite good to use.           

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美美美 欢迎哦~

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This was an interesting article with nice pictures! Looking forward to more from you!


我小學在彩虹邨, 30多年前了. 上學前一定在公園玩和去旗昌辦館買零食. 你拍照這球場是2樓在停車場上面, 我也有在這玩過.

彩虹邨從前很厲害, 樓宇設計拿個奬, 很多人住到發達.

從前外牆沒有彩虹色的, 都是淺灰色. 彩虹色我想是這幾年油上去美化用途. 現在老久了, 彩虹邨差不多60歲.


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