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The place was consecrated by Pope Siricius. From the name of the initiator of his rebuilding, the basilica has, for a time, been bearing the name Theodosiana, although the work has ended under the reign of Honorius. Galla Placidia, daughter of Theodosius I and sister of Honrius added the mosaic of on the inner triumphal arch, the mosaic that was restored in the 8th and 9th centuries BC. The Lombards robbed the basilica in 739, and the Saracens in 847. To defend the holy place, Pope John VIII raised high fortifications around him. Around them there was a small town called Giovannipoli, of which there is no trace left today.

Throughout the centuries it has enjoyed the attention of popes, being beautifully embellished and benefiting from some additions. It is worth mentioning the mosaics on the façade, made by Pietro Cavallini, the beautiful claw, made by Vassalletto, the famous Gothic canopy of Arnolfo di Cambio and the Pascal chandelier made by Nicola de Angelo and Pietro Vassalletto in the 13th century. In its capacity as the largest and richest in Rome, Saint Paul's Basilica outside the walls has passed the golden age of centuries until the consecration of St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican in 1626. However, this seaside tradition has remained a special place for pilgrimage to Christendom, famous for its artistic works. Under Pius VII's pontificate on the night of 15-16 July 1823, a fire destroyed most of the edifice. Only the claustro was saved, being removed from the flames.

It dates back to 1220, was made by Cosmas marble masters and contains ancient fragments and inscriptions. The claw columns are very elaborate, twisted and encrusted with colored marble pads. Here were pieces of old basilica and old sarcophagi. Pope Leo XII dealt with the rebuilding, following the new building to keep the Paleocretian plan.
The work was attributed to Pasquale Belli, followed by the death of Luigi Poletti. There was another project by Giuseppe Valadier, but they did not work.

The new basilica has preserved the paleo-Christian basilica, but it is far from the edifice initiated by Theodosius I (Theodosiana). Half of the central ship's windows were closed to create a surface of 36 frescoes, representing episodes of St. Paul's life and below a frieze with portraits of the popes, from Peter to Francesco, made in mosaic. The long series of poppies medals was initiated in the 5th century BC by Pope Leo the Great. All irregularities (twisted columns, arcade decors, etc.) have been removed, the uniform marble pavement has been replaced with a geometric design pavement, an antique crate ceiling has been conceived in the central ship, with which the roof was masked . The mosaic of the 11th century façade has been replaced by a new, brilliant golden background away from the Palestinian aesthetic canons. The remnants of the old mosaic moved back behind the triumph arch. The Basilica was reconscrowed by Pope Gregory XVI in 1840. The new basilica is a neo-classic religious edifice, not a Paleocretical one. In it, however, there are strong references to the Roman times.

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The most civilization of a ROM in the most ancient civilizations is the world famous for its wonderful artifacts and building. The external and indigestion of the Basilica of Saint's beautiful church located very grand.
Due to it's golden colour , gives it heaven shape . No doubt phenomenal photography
Thank you

Excellent information, I like all your photos ... This Basilica is beautiful thanks to what you have, I could imagine the style that I had before so many renovations.

I'm impressed you managed to take all these photographs without getting any people in them @adrianobalan. Was it early early in the day?

I really like the tour today, Rome has so many beautiful places and this basilica has a lot of history.

amazing photo :) Cheers!

From the shape and color of this building it has stood very long, and this building looks very sturdy and has a long history.

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The shape of this building is very beautiful and very cool.

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