Berlin was the epic of world-culture fair! 🤗

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On Sunday, Berlin's sky was dense, the temperature was 22 degrees Celsius. It's a matter of great luck to get 16 hours of so beautiful sunny weather. Germany's capital city Berlin has been known for the last 23 years since this great gathering of various ethnicities and cultures of Germany. This time Berlin's sky told, that there are nature, with the culture of many countries living in Germany and their holders.

The rhythmic spectrum of Berlin was made by the colorful dresses and musicians of different cultures. On the other side of the road of five kilometer road, the number dropped to eight hundred thousand people, who enjoyed the cultural activities of the world.
Berlin's highway won over five thousand participants from 70 different cultures in their respective cultures. This year, Bangladesh and Bengali culture were on the highway.

Like every year under the blue sky, Berlin city's heartland, the city of Berlin, the Herman Square of Kruezberg was about six kilometers away from the world culture, Berlin's inter-cultural carnival named 'Carnival Dr. Coltur'! Since 1995, this march has been taking part in the migration of immigrant socio-cultural organizations living in Germany. The festival started in 1995, 23 years ago, since then its per capita and wildlife has increased gradually. The festival organizers said that around 100 million immigrants have spread in Germany to highlight their cultural heritage and to create an inter-cultural society.
The Great Crusades of World Culture came down as if different cultures of different nationalities spread all over the world. What was the great rally! There are also Brazil, Peru, Bolivian participants, there are African countries, representatives of the Caribbean countries, cultural groups from different Asian countries. The World Maha procession was in the hands of Bangladeshis and Bengalis, along with the Germans of the well-known Bengali people.

Like every year, Bengalis coming from Berlin and other German cities shiver the Berlin road. After the red and check saris in Bengalis, the forehead on the forehead, the flowers of various colors, the native ornaments, and the boys wrapped the lungi-fatua and the head on the head, when the popular patriotic, modern, folk dance with the carnival was going on in the pavilion with dancing and singing, then on both sides of the street Millions of people greeted them with applause and screamed.
Years later, Berlin's participation in the carnival part of Berlin has increased. Apart from the Bengalis living here, now the expatriate Bangalis of other countries are coming to join the world-wide great rally in Berlin. Nilufar Chowdhury, Asma Iqbal, Nasrin Hassan, Masud Hasan, Tipu Rahman, Anwar Iqbal, Maksed Chowdhury, came from Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, along with the Bengalis living in Berlin along the far Atlantic. Artist Rahul Amin Kajal from Denmark Clay made from Hasteland's Mastist. Numerous Bengalis have moved far beyond Germany. Apu Alam came from Mainz, 600km from the road, from Munsengladbagh to Sanjida, Radhita, Isarlaon to Sigi, Helen, Anna, Solinggun's Saki, came from Hanover, Lipi Ahmed came from Hanover. Amrita and Abida came from other cities near Berlin, much more.
The Berlin-based Bangladeshi efforts are being organized for more than 15 years. Berlin Rasi Khalad Noman Nami, Syed Babul, Masud Hossain, Mamun Ahsan Khan, Milon Al Mamun, Lutful Khan, Maksudul Haque, Shafiq, Zafar Iqbal, Nuri Khan, Sumena, Nazmun Nesa, Shaheda, Ularike, guerrilla, Ferdousi etc. They said that our efforts to highlight the concept of secular culture of Bangladesh abroad.

Hopefully, in the future, the efforts of expatriate friends will be more brilliant in Bangladesh's culture on the streets of Berlin, and in the way of Berlin, it will be known as the Milano Mela of various races and cultures.


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