heyyy.. What valuable information

hiihihihih have a nice trip!

Nice Post. after reading this , i cant wait to be there...

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Keep it up! I already vote your post, I hope one day I can use this tips in Japan!

it really useful for you.
Have a nice trip!

helpful post for travellers

yeah, It would be embarrassing if I did not learn about them

This lady can explain the do's and dont's for in Japan really well:

..hope this helps

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Interesting post! :)

I've been told other ones include:

  1. Passing food with chopsticks
  2. Blowing your nose with a kleenex or handkerchief (just sniff!)
  3. Pouring your own sake
  4. Not giving your hosts a gift
  5. Paying for a meal with dirty bills instead of crisp clean ones

But, Japan is a exciting country, alright?

Perhaps also I would add never decline the offer of food or drink so not to offend your host :)

That's pretty helpful. I'll try to remember ;-)

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