How To Raise Eel In Plastic Drum

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Eels are a kind of reptile water animals with snake-like shape and have abundant nutritional content such as protein, calcium, carbohydrates and so forth. But maybe many of my friends who do not know how to breed the right eel without any errors and can harvest well

Lately a lot of people who are looking for luck by way of breeding eels as many demand for eel consumption and also availability of eel is getting thinning. One of the effective ways of raising eel is by using drum media.

How to Eel Breeding

This time @practicemagic will discuss short tips how to breed eels in drums that are very useful for you who want to pioneer this business. Congrats!

The advantages of how to breed eels in drums

How to raise eels in this drum has many advantages compared to using ponds or rice fields such as do not need a large area of ​​land and can also be monitored whenever you want because most breeding eels in the drum does not use mud but water as a medium.

In addition, the required capital becomes less and the level of losses can be minimized. So for those of you who have a limited budget do not worry can not pursue this business.

Good Media For Rearing Eels in Drums

There are several media for cultivation of eels in drums that are commonly used and proven to be effective in accelerating the harvest among them consisting of dry mud media, compost, rice straw, TSP fertilizer, and also stater microorganisms.
To lay it, first the bottom of the drum is covered with straw with a thickness of 10 cm, then on the straw sprayed 1 liter of stater microorganisms.
Next add the compost as high as 5 cm and the top medium of dry mud as high as 10 cm which has been added as much as 5 kg of TSP fertilizer. Because eels need water as their living habitat, Drums must be watered with a height of 5-10 cm from the top medium.


Seed Eels Incorporated

Once the media is ready, the next step is to enter the eel seeds. In this process, the seeds of eel should not be put directly because it must be silenced for approximately 2 weeks for the fermentation process.
Then the fermented medium will produce a natural source of food derived from mosquito larvae, worms, zooplankton and also micro-organisms. After 2 weeks of fermentation process, then enter the seeds eel that ranges from 150-200 tail.

Good Feed For Eels In The Drum

One of the keys to the success of breeding eels in drums is the right feeding. There is no standard provision regarding feeding volume of eels in the drum, but feed should be given as much as 5% of the number of seeds inserted.
For example when we put the seeds as much as 2 kg, then the feed should be given ranges from 100 grams to 200 grams. For the type of feed given should consist of worms, tadpoles, small fish, also snail mas or snail.
The feeding time is done on the 3rd day after the seeds are stocked into the drum and given in the afternoon to adjust the activity of the eel while looking for food in the wild.


Eel Harvest Time

At least take 3-4 months since the process of inserting seeds eel into the drum. In one drum, usually eel seeds that can enter is about 2 kg with the size of the seeds eels range 11-13 cm.

The price of eel seeds on the market with the length of seeds 7-12 cm sold for 55.000 / kg (1 kg approximately 76-111 tail). Meanwhile, when it's harvested, the price eel jumped to Rp. 32.000 / kg containing 4-6 eel ready for consumption.



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