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Please try to refrain from copying the entire article to Steemit. Even though you've linked the source, it does them little good since you've copypasta'd their entire article. This is also considered plagiarism and can end up in a DMCA notice being sent. You may also be downvoted and added to the downvote bot's list if your account does this repeatedly.

If you don't mind, please edit your above post to only include a few sentences from the article.

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Alright @tuck-fheman :)

I don't think I have the stomach for any of these items, well maybe the grasshoppers; and I have tried ants and ant larva in Thailand.
And raw chicken, that's a surprise!

I tried zebra meat on holiday in Kenya, very rich and tender... Can't believe raw chicken is a dish in Japan, I'll stick to the sushi...