Fire at Sea!

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It is here, it is allready on FIRE!!

It was a joy to see the launch of the Fire-Pay instant payment integration platform!

Finaly we could put it into action...and offer it to the great members of the

Stop by our Site, and have a look at what we can offer you with Fire-Pay!


This is a easy to use payment option, that everybody can manage to handle. If you just could imagen how many new doors that can open for YOU by start using this one...!!

If you need a more good info about Fire-pay, I warmly recommand you to click link below:

I am on FIRE!!!

May the fire burn brightly inside of you too!!


For our success,


This is great job Sig, I hate surfing so I will be looking forward to buying some advertising down the road, still have some back end stuff to fix with my list first, stay awesome.

My friend your allways welcome! Thanks a lot for your feedback!! Respect

Thanks Sig and do stay awesome.


Expect some upgrades today!

Its on FIRE indeed!! Love this new option!

Wow @sigskeie, I can see the Fire within, this is really great, and it will mean more business for you and much easier for members to upgrade, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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This is good news great to hear

Great to see this :)

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