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Today when I went out to the mailbox, I found one letter, and that was all there was in the mailbox.

First of all Thanks God there wasnt any bills today...

I went inside to see what this letter was all about. How many does really send letters today was one of my first toughts.

When I looked closely at the envelope, I saw it was stamped in Canada. Hmmm... kinda interesting...what could this be?
It was with some excitement I opened the envelope and took out the letter.

The Letter was even handwritten (OMG - Some has really taken theyr time here and put effore into writing this!)

It was a great surprise when I did see what it said, and who it was from.

That handwritten letter was from Jon Olson from

Just had to write about this, and tell you people go check your mailbox.... not the email one, the one outside...

Why? Well first because I found it great to get this letter, and read those handwritten words, thanks @Jongolson , thanks a lot because I really appreciate this letter from you.

And folks, because this requires actually having to do something physical.
One must write the letter on paper with a pen or pencil, then have to buy stamps (Oh yes got to pay for it!)
and actually have the letter delivered to be sent out!

Handwritten letters I think is a good thing for all of us to maybe try out. Why?
-It creates a wonderful surprise.
-It confirms the importance of a relationship.

And did you know that Research says it can actually make you happier.


So yes that made my day a little special, and just thinking about that some in this world of business did remember this crazy old Norwegian Viking was a litte fun too!

So again YES I loved it, and Thanks again @Jongolson for those friendly words. Respect!

And I really hope more of you will start walk to your mailbox, never know when you get one of those yourself...try it..the walk and the look for a handwritten letter from Canada.

Have a great one all, and remember that a few good words can make a hugh difference...

Success to you all



It's a really great gesture that Jon has made an effort to write a handwritten letter to his clients and because of that, it makes it more valuable.

And it's great that you have created this "Thank you post" and show your appreciation for that!

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yes indeed its a great one from Jon to do this. And thx a lot for your feedback and the Awesome!! Respect!

Well deserved! Keep up with content creation!

Awesome man!

Glad you got it :)

Those European addresses are tricky to us across the pond...Always scared we will write them down wrong LOL

Gday, and yes indeed got it. Well I can understand...special for us in the Nordic countries, that even have some extra letters (3 extra) in our Alphabet.. but it arrived. Respect

Awesome Sig! @sigskeie I'm happy you got that lovely surprise in your mailbox! With all the work you have put in to this affiliate marketing business over all these years, you deserve to be recognised! Good for you too @jongolson for sending it! Happy @CTP ing, Lee :)

Greetings, thanks a lot for your good words, that meens a lot for me too Lady! Success

You're very welcome! Thanks to you too! I wish you a successful @CTP ing and Steeming 2020! ;)

That was a really great gesture Sig, and I am happy that Jon sent it to you, have an awesome weekend.

Thanks a lot Erik!! Allways a joy! Respect

Thanks Sig, and stay awesome.

Yeah, I got one from the big guy too and it really means a lot!

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A handwritten letter or card sets you apart. A way to rise above the noise. Certainly won't get lost in the inbox!

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