When even the cats want to move you out of your comfort zone....

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So you wake up and realize you are clinging to the edge of the bed and can't even find your body pillow!

"Couldn't y'all find a spot of sunlight to lie in????"

I had to roust the horde to even get the bed made... (back to front, left to right)Maisie, Teddy, Ernie, Joey, Bessie and Callie... out of frame to the left was Willie...

Then I looked at the clock and realized they had a point, even unintentionally.. You can stay in your comfort zone and never get anywhere in life...

OR, you can make the choice to get out of your comfort zone and try that new adventure... travel to Australia or Thailand or Japan... try a new cuisine, how bad can it be, people live eating that food all the time... or even something as simple as participating in an online chat -- on camera and speaking.... or signing up to video-sharing site like youtube or d.tube...

Step OUT of your comfort zone for a change... you just might like it!!!

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Ah yes, that beloved comfort zone! The one that, if given a chance, will keep you firmly entrenched in . . . mediocrity!

Find your passion, seek out the adventure. The reward could be amazing, but you will never know unless you TRY!

The only limits you have are those you impose upon yourself. Remove the limits!

awesome statement from one about to step WAY out of his comfort zone!!!

Awesome statement from
One about to step WAY out
Of his comfort zone!!!

                 - mamasez

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I like it all: the cats and the idea of getting out of one’s comfort zone. I should take that advice. I’m way overdue for trying something new.

We don't have to worry about you getting stuck in your comfort zone as long as you have all those pretty babies looking out for you!

fur-shure... they kick me out of "their" comfortable zone on a regular basis... lol

Hi Just wanted to say that your cats are beautiful.