I just awarded a CTPtalk.com member @phabulu 2 CTP tokens via Upvote and 110 PSOp Crypto Peso for an article about Argentina's failing fiat peso.

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So for a relevant story on the failing Argentinian Peso, I Gave @phabulu 2 CTP tokens from my upvote and over one hundred crypto peso tokens. Since @eosvenezuela added the Crypto peso as a pegged asset to steem-engine, I have been able to send 110 PSOp Crypto peso tokens directly to the Steem Account of @phabulu

Here is the post I decided to award this user for: and i am going to actually send them 100 more PSOp so they can distribute 1 each to 10 friends, and keep 100 for them-self. I would love to go hear more from Latin Americans on the Peru based https://SteemSpeak.com discord which yes has its creator proudly based in Lima Peru which we hope to see as a popular crypto hub utilizing low regulations and low living costs, allowing people to more realistically have a chance to live off the upvotes they can make on Steem Blockchain and Scot posts.

So here is me sending another 100 PSOp to @phabulu and I have a bonus for https://minnowpond.org #espanol-chat members


So That was teh post about Argentina, and I thought it was fitting to gift this user with some crypto peso...

oh and here is an explanation from @eosvenezuela official https;//eosvenezuela.com/cryptopeso.html you can see here its a serious global project with major block producer support, with the intent to bring crypto to a hyperinflation ravaged Latin America

I will now give some and DEC dark energy crystals (in game currency for @steemmonsters ) to some spanish speaking latin american members of palnet discord

Active users all got 1 PSOP , one guy got 5 DEC and EVERYONE in the server via @banjo $rain got over 0.1 PSOp just to show the rain feature off

And here is the funny news I get when i look up the "crypto peso" when google thinks im asking about two subjects, crypto and the peso, which is falling in Argentina while BTC goes up with a 4% premium ;)

Its almost like Bitcoin Steem, EOS and now Crypto peso which anyoen can use and send free, (unlike BTC) is there to Help preserve so much of that wealth in an economy under attack, and the Bankers of the world have the nerve to talk shit, and they has the nerve to talk bad about Bitcoin when its retaining so much wealth of his capitalist allies trapped in socialist nations. It is like Farm owners getting mad at the invention of the tractor, when all it does is allow anyone to far a lot more than before. You have to recognize this benefit and realize there IS no alternative and to STOP LOOKING for some alternative to crypto like some libracoin or paypal coin or whatever. We cant just trust the US dollar and its insulting to tell us it is stronger than ever. I understand why Alex Jones was so upset :D

So, Want to get $rained on and get free cryptocurrency right over discord? No problem the party never ends till we run out of ASS... https://steemspeak.com

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