I Need A Link

in #ctp4 years ago

To all my friends,

I just Tweeted "I need a link for realtimeadz from someone I know like and trust." In 33 minutes it received 17 hits an no action taken. I have not used Twitter a lot anyway so I am not surprised. What do I need a link for realtimeadz anyway. If you are into CTP as I think most of you are, you may know that it is one of the Mastery Training sets.

What would you do to get a link? I first asked The Soaring Eagle Team Members in our Skype Group. After quite some time and only one response saying they wanted a link too I decided to explore some other options.

Need to get to some other things now as we approach a new day (reset in CTP).

You can contact me in Facebook and Skype: ken.wolff1 Telegram: @KenWolff CTP: KenWolff


Could always use the one inside of CTP ;)

Did you get one. you ask us right

Yep...I always go to our Soaring Eagle team 1st for links.

Did u get one. i do not have any referrels? lol

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