What? Teamwork..really?

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Teamwork is one of the essence of business, online and offline.

Why do you say so? -You maybe ask.


"I can do this alone, I dont need to work with others, I know whats best for me...." Well maybe you do, or Do you?


Do You really understand what TeamWork is? I dont know all about what teamwork is & how to do it the best ways.
But I can at least tell that I have some good experience with it so far, and I truly belive more and more in it.

So What is TeamWork?

Teamwork : number of persons associated in some joined action - business - training etc...

Where do we Find Teamwork?


On the Football Field, there is a lot of Teamwork, as a football team is something like this:
A number of persons forming one of the sides in the Game. And on the other side, there is allso a number of persons do the same.
How would it end, if one of the side have had many players and on the other side of the field there stands this one single person?

And an other sample I have for you is this one:
A Farmer has two or more horses, bull, or other animals harnessed together to draw his plow, or the like.
How you think it will have ended if he should do all this alone??

I dont say he wouldnt manage it at the end, but there is a much bigger chance he would have given up.
Dont you belive so too?

An other sample is Working together for a charitable cause builds teamwork and gives the participants a good feeling from working together. An example of a team charitable activity is planning and organizing an event, like a walk or run to raise money or a bake sale that promotes a cause.

Except for a very small percentage of us, sharing and collaboration with others is not exactly programmed inside each and everyone of us.
This is because each person is mainly concerned about his or her rewards etc etc.

But teamwork is a different "ballgame" that aligns mindsets in a cooperative, and usually selfless manner towards a specific business purpose or goal.
It is allmost always; "What is in it for You?"or "What is in it for ME?"
Rather then" What is in it for us. In order for teamwork to succeed one must be a team player.

A Team player is one who subordinates personal a spirations and works in a coordinated effort with other members of a group,or team, striving for a common goal.


So what you think? Teamwork, do we need it in business?, Or is it just better to go do it all alone?

If you believe in TeamWork, and open to learn more about online business, marketing and building.
Then there is NO doubt that you should visit CTP https://clicktrackprofit.com/sig
If you are a Action taker, you will go there at once to check it out, or you allready have done it. Either way, you must go to theyr training section, and lessons, check out the step by step plan. And DO IT!

I hope you managed it true this post of mine, and that you atleast have got something to think about, and maybe even learned something.
(Sorry for my typos, english is still not my 1st language.)

Yours in success

Sig Skeie


Well done @sigskeie, teamwork does acheive a lot and gets things done if the team can work together, keep it up and stay awesome.

Hi Sig, it takes a Team to generate mass commotion and the loudest will always get heard first

Teamwork makes the dream work

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I like your views here, and how you used examples to share them.
Well done!
Teams are a great opportunity to learn more from each other, it can really make you grow as an individual, among other things. 😊

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