Little steps make a big difference

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Little steps make a big difference, what does I talk about here? I wanting to do a little sample for you folks, so you can see that its not allways the smartest to Aim for the BIG bucks first.

(This is something I picked up by doing traing at the @clicktrackprofit site and @jongolson )

We all want to make money...I dont think I am fare away from the the truth when I say that. Let me start: First I am going to throw out a number, well a few numbers it will be.


When I am done with this, I hope it will help You, or atleast make You think.... $ 2.73 - and then I going to throw an other number up $ 27.39 And then I am going to throw one more number up $ 273.97 So what do we got here? This is what I see as Baby-Steps in internet marketing success.

The First number we going to Worried about is how we going to earn $ 2.73 every day for a year. If we do this, what do we have? We will then have 2.73 x 365 thats around $1K a year.

A 1000bucks isnt to bad, when you think about how many who struggeling on making money online. With one step further you have this 27.39 = 10K each year. Now lets go to the "problem" most people dont even talke about those two numbers, they only look at the Big numbers like the 273.97 each day.

We worrie so much in internet marketing; how do we do the $ 273 pr. day, that we totally forget the "small" numbers. What people need to figure out, and hopefully understand is to start with that small numbers $ 2.73 and the 27.39s. How do we manage those steps before we get to the Big numbers!

When you start "Worrie" about how to get the 2.73 and the 27.39 a day first, then your allready on the right path.
Because "worrie" about those small figures first is very effective, and this is how people build serious business online. Yes it is, when they focus on those numbers first, and dont Worrie about the Big money, but worrie about the small steps FIRST.

Thats how I did start my first business online, with some help. As I listen, did the training I was told to do, and follow the babysteps. So lets first worrie about how to make $1K a year, then 10K a year.

And from there we can worrie about and figure out how to make 100K ayear. But you cant get to the 100K without get to the 1K first.

So baby-steps, lets worrie about the small steps first, and THEN we grow our business to be Big and Hugh massive Enterprises.


If this sounds logical for you, and your willing to take the steps, and did follow my writings, then I recommand you to get in with the Training and marketing program I am using.
This program has some of the best training online. I have learned more from it, then from a lot of other stuff.

If you do follow the steps....and do the training you be told to do. And not Rush. Remember Babysteps, right?!

I hope this has helped you think a little more about how you think about how to earn and build a business.

Yours in online success, Sig

Again thanks to @jongolson and for keep on going with this program!!

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Very important advice @sigskeie, we have to crawl and walk before we can run, and so also in business as everything else, earn $2 per day and $20 per day before you can earn $200 per day, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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Thanks a lot, and its a honor to read this.

Thank you for creating awesome content.

Well said. $ 2.73 a day sound like nothing but when you look at the bigger picture, $ 1k a year can make a difference. Even better, when you slowly start adding more figures to that number, but the main goal shouldn't be about becoming "millionaires". There are so many perks that come with becoming our own bosses, entrepreneurs, such as freedom, independence, doing what we like and so forth. 😎

Sabrina thanks for reading this one, and thx a lot for your good feedback! Much success

Nugget :)

Big lesson man....Thank you for sharing that!

respect, thanks a lot. And I learned it from you folks!

Good article Sig. People are so preoccupied with getting rich quick that they don`t realize one thing: if they start small and stick to the plan, they would be much farther ahead than by wasting their energies jumping from one thing to another and ending up with nothing. Baby steps ....

Greetings, a good replay to read. Thx a lot!

Wow that is really great advice @sigskeie, and completely logical, it's all about succeeding small first before going big, have an awesome day.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I am happy to read this. Success


Great post about small baby steps to success

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