And that's it...CTPM tokens are 'staked'

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Today I took an other round everyday. And truly it was a joy to see this new training video added.

You know about that it CTP dont you, the hearth of it learn the lessons, and do them? Hopefully you do, and hopefully for YOU; your doing them.

No rush no push, do them, learn them...and take your time doing so.

So well today in the Lessons/Training this new video under was added, and yes I am on it at once...

ctpm (1).jpg

Its about the CTP Miner.... and how to do this, how to get this, and how to buy and Stake IT!

Its really interesting to go true this video and see how the 'mining' ctp-tokens are done.

(You got to put up your account at )
steemengine (1).jpg

In this video @jongolson is giving us all a simple good basic overview of things, whats and hows...

Its similar to mining bitcoins for all you who allready doing this, but...yes there is a but that we all need to learn!


I recommand you to go to the lessons section, training and scroll down to the training videos there....

Take your time and watch them step by step... I been watching them more then once, and know I will look true them again, its important to learn this...

Allso make yourself become more familiar with

I have added the Training video here, but to get your training done 100% You got to do it via: the ultimate step by step training platform that has YOU in mind!

For your success in life and marketing, see you at the top!




Another good post and it makes me want to try out the mining myself.

Greetings and success.!! Thx

Another good post I am interested in trying out the mining

Greetings, and thanks a lot!! And yes mining we must!

Well done @sigskeie, that will give you passive income, and that is always nice to have.

Thx a lot for your feedback Eric. Much joy and success!

Thank you for sharing, Nice post
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I currently have several ctp miners "staking" my claims. Looking forward to seeing them become producing "mines".

I am already with mining really has been a resounding success for me, more than this one of the platform that has provided that their miners touch are accessible and can obtain CTP touch, so enter this new project ...

Thanks for your feedback!

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