The Addiction that is

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Just when you thought, that’s enough, you find yourself going for even more.

Its almost full, so lets fill er up one more time

The whole notion of collectibles and ranking has driven people to strive every day and CTP has nailed it when it comes to their ranking system

To once being happy with being a newbie to getting to levels that far extend that. The interesting thing is that I bet CTP will have a limitless number of levels that you need to reach. All attainable with just that little bit more

Love it and Site owners should love it as well as most of the rankings are geared towards you promoting you and using the community to do it and with.

Smart business is getting your audience to want more and a smart audience is one that goes with it.

Now I just want more and more and more and more of everything CTP has to offer including CTP Tokens, CTPM and all that comes with it.

And with this great platform of Steem and what it has to offer, ya better watch out cos you may just see me mug back on screen again 

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thanks man. so awesome to hear you are enjoying it.

but you are right. we wanna make it so people don’t even realize that they are learning and taking action everyday. that’s the goal :)

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Hi Jon, I believe many are enjoying the adventure, I keep saying it , but its great to reinvigorate

That is indeed a great strategy @russelstockley.

Hi Flaxz, It is a fantastic strategy, thanks for the comment


Really impressive score board @russellstockley, and the moving goalpost is great, especially if the next one is easy to reach once you have got the current one, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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It is indeed Awesome, Thanks for the UpVote :)

Thank you for creating awesome content.

Addict? a good eye to perform the tasks that the platform presents every day, each of them doubly rewards you a financial one and the other new knowledge that every day you are putting into practice