Is this really you or is it the snake in the grass

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Ahh the wonderful world of affiliate Marketing, the wonderful world of magnificent promises and the wonderful world of unlimited riches.

All those magnificent people that share their story from Rags to Riches, all at the single push of a button.

Yes, some of these people do go from Rags to riches because they rely on the gullibility and innocence of human nature.
They all have a product to sell and they will sell it

Think about this, Global Internet Usage is accelerating at a faster rate than we can conceive. It is growing on average of more than 1 million new users every day. The stats are 4.39 Billion users with 3.48 Billion Social Media users -
Total growth has been 288 million users since January of 2018

That’s massive.

hmm, I have a product, Buy this e book on how to make a million dollars online, sell it for $1, sell a million of them and voila, you have made a million.

Sounds like a great scam, well it is.

All these would be mentors, making a quick buck will make their quick buck by simply selling you a one-off product and they are laughing all the way to the bank. They rely on the transient, they rely on the naive, they rely on the desperate, they rely on anonymity, they relay on the throwaway and they rely on apathy.

Beware, they are not real, they are not genuine, they are not inclusive, they are not sustainable. Like the snake it is a wonderful thing to behold but teat it warily

Making a Million Bucks online is a dream, it can be a goal and it could be a reality for some, but the only way that people will ever really achieve that and retain a sense of integrity is to be you, be yourself, let people really get to know you and let you get to know people.

Be in it for the long haul, be in it to generate friendships, mentorships of substance and be in it because you have a genuine interest in people, helping people and providing a sustainable product that you know and believe in yourself.

If you want the forest first you need to buy good quality tools, then you need to plant the seed, tend the crop and watch the forest grow. But without the quality tools that will see you through the duration, you will struggle and struggle and your forest will become a nightmare of band aid solutions that give you no satisfaction and no quality.

If at the end of the day you are pushing a product just to make an affiliate buck and do not believe in the product yourself to actually use it, then don’t push it, people will eventually figure out the non-genuineness and walk away leaving you with a quick hit that you will never be able to repeat.

This is your business, and businesses rely on retention, they rely on word of mouth and they rely on genuine product, and that genuine product starts with you, it starts with your interaction, it starts with your integrity, it starts with your genuine passion for what you are selling.

We have heard all this before, but sometimes we just need another kick because this modern day world presents us with a Myriad of things every single day, minute and second and sometimes our own memory retention wanes

And sometimes I just wanna say things because I wanna



Well said. These snakes give the niche such a bad reputation you really need to work hard on building trust, but if you follow the Golden Rule you'll eventually be rewarded.

Man, this is one of the best I have read today. There is so much FACTS and truth in it, and people should read this, and yes many should really think about what your talking about here. Thanks for putting this one out, and this will, I have NO DOUBT, hit some where they "Live". Again thanks a lot, and keep on going.
Indeed its a wonderful world :)

Thanks for the encouragement Sig, :) very much appreciated, you are one of the Good Guys :)

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